July 16, 2017

Yes Pretty Cure 5 20 – The Curtain Falls

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After so much overall time that I don’t even want to do the math, I finally bring you the “final” episode of Yes! Pretty Cure 5. It’s another Urara-centric episode, much like episode 19, but the rest of the gang gets their shot at show business as well. No matter what a certain slacker venue employee may have to say about it.


Fittingly enough, this was also one of the more complicated episodes to sub, with signs, TL notes, insert songs, alpha-timing effects, and original translations (TV preview was a CD advertisement) all coming into play. But just one overlapping line of dialogue, oddly enough. Anyway, if you’ve seen mistakes in this or any other episode so far, please let me know so that I can issue v2s. There are three in the queue so far, for episodes 8 (adding Aesir subs as 3rd track) and 15-16 (adding missing spoken lines in OP). That just leaves the movie, and then we’ll see what, if anything, else lies in store for Pretty Cure Splash Subs. Btw, I’m around 10 episodes from finishing Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo (strictly on an “ordinary viewer” basis), and while some things about it are lacking, it’s managed to do one thing I thought impossible: redeem Milk. Other random thoughts below another “pic for the road.”


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November 11, 2016

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 15 – Domestic Disasters

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yes5-15_001_13254 In this episode, Nozomi creates mass chaos by trying to do housework in place of her sick mother. It’s all part of her hilariously clumsy persona, but I have to wonder if I or any of us would’ve done any better back when we were 12-13. Heck, my parents changed out their gas stove when I was 2 or 3 for fear of me blowing the house to kingdom come. And knowing me, they were probably right. But anyway, this episode also features appearances from Nozomi’s and Rin’s mothers, as well as a tongue-lashing supermarket showdown.


June 23, 2016

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 14 – The Art of the Deal

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Economic concerns are front and center on both sides of the ideological divide in this episode, as school clubs scramble to keep operating in the face of dire constraints, and Bunbee tries to keep Nightmare’s costs down to meet quarterly goals. Though maybe if Otaka-san didn’t constantly give out WAY too much change from the school store register, Cinq Lumieres’ finances wouldn’t be in such a shabby state.


March 13, 2016

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 10 – Saving Small Businesses

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Urara doles out harsh realities.

Urara doles out harsh realities.

Ten down, ten to go — Pretty Cure embarks on an aggressive marketing campaign to feed the endless appetites of their otherworld mascot friends, but wind up in an encounter with a perpetually-hungry villain along the way.


January 21, 2016

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 09 – Girls On Film

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She'll take your picture

Here we have intrepid school newspaper reporter Mika Masuko trying to fulfill her lifelong dream: taking a selfie with a giant spider monster woman thing. Investigating a group of five random girls and their secretive activities is only secondary to that goal.


July 28, 2015

Yes Pretty Cure 5 08 – Civil War

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This episode follows the Pretty Cure tradition from the first three series of “Cures fight amongst themselves in episode 8.” But rather than a full-on battle royale, we have altercations between this team’s resident “Red Oni, Blue Oni” duo of Rin and Karen. They engage in a Martial Arts Dining showdown and debate the finer points of floral decoration, but they still manage to take down the not-so-amazing spider woman when it counts.


July 15, 2015

Yes Pretty Cure 5 07 – The Sad Collapse of a Prosperous Empire

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In this episode, we meet a rather tsundere new ally, who was hiding/sealed within the Dream Collet until now. Coco almost gets caught in an apparent improper relationship with a student, and we learn a bit about the history of the ruined Palmier Kingdom. Told you it’d be less than a year!


August 1, 2014

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 05 – How the .1% Lives

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Hey, Arienai's line wasn't that different!

In this episode, the four members of Pretty Cure infiltrate the Minazuki mansion in an attempt to recruit their fifth teammate. But unlike the equivalent episode in the later Smile Precure, things don’t go too easily. And there is one puzzling aspect – how does Karen get home after she stays at school, and her driver goes home?


June 10, 2014

Yes Pretty Cure 5 04 – Mint Condition

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[PCSS] Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - 04 (DVD) [3F231F7D]_001_25608

Between three weekends of out-of-town travel and some general feeling of malaise and lack of focus, I haven’t been able to get anything out under either of my labels for awhile. But if nothing else, here is Yes Pretty Cure 5 episode 04, which features the induction of Komachi on to the team. But will they be able to recruit their fifth member as easily as the Smile Precure crew did in their fifth episode?


February 5, 2014

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 03 – Dangerous Inquiring Minds

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Maybe you’d thought I’d forgotten about this project, but it’s just been a crazy few months including staffing a convention, numerous holiday season parties with friends and family, finishing one anime every day in December, my imouto being back in the country for a month, and a comedy of hardware errors including a malfunctioning fan that finally spurred me to migrate everything to my new PC and an external HDD that keeps dying and mysteriously reviving. (At least I’ve managed to copy virtually all the raws and files from it that can’t be easily re-downloaded via well-seeded torrents on popular sites.) I’d also temporarily forgotten to migrate the Yes Pretty Cure 5 scripts, raws, and releases to the new PC, but fortunately the old machine isn’t completely dead.

Anyway, here’s the third episode of Yes Pretty Cure 5, in which a lonely actress’s web of lies about her happy school life comes crashing to the ground.


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