November 18, 2010

The Next Step

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Since some have been asking, this is what I plan to do in the future. First off, I will not be picking up Yes! Precure 5. However, that does not mean that I will not be working on it. Tentatively, the plan is that I will work on translating the 30s episodes of YPC5 for the folks over at Aesir-Subs. After that point, perhaps I’ll do more for them on that series, or fill in on some episodes of Fresh Pretty Cure with CureCom. So while the PCSS banner is on hiatus, I’ll still be working towards the goal of getting all past Pretty Cure episodes subbed.  But for the time being, I’m taking a break from Pretty Cure and  focusing on my re-releasing operation for some shows that desperately need better subs.

EDIT: Ohayguyz, if you read this, I have YPC5 30 translated, and will time it in the next couple of days or so. Tomorrow will be tied up by NU-CU football and Deathly Hallows Pt. 1, though.

Some other possible plans, no guarantees yet:

* Remux/sub-fixing for the Yes! Precure 5 movie (DVD version)

* A secret project, involving an incompletely-subbed non-Pretty-Cure Magical girl anime from the latter half of the 00s.

* Softsubbed re-release of the 2004 Pretty Cure series, or at least of the first 13 eps that used TV source instead of DVD.

— This is dependent on somebody else encoding raws from the DVD .isos for me. Even if I do wind up re-releasing the entire first series, I don’t intend to do Max Heart — the Arienai release is already all DVD source, h264, mp4. Only drawback is that it’s hardsubbed. EDIT: And has fairly a low video bitrate (690 kbps) that’s the same across all episodes, meaning that the more action-packed episodes get bitrate-starved while the low-action episodes might be bloated. But there aren’t even timed Russian subs out there for Max Heart, and the multiple colors make the subs un-OCRable. So any extraction of those subs would involve brute-force transcription and complete retiming from scratch.

July 28, 2010

Go for the six batches on the underside!

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Pretty Cure Splash Star Main Cast

They may get an A for saving the world, but their Zettai Ryouiki only ranks a C.

41-49 Batch || 01-49 Complete Batch (BakaBT) || Scripts + Font Archive

So, I’m back from my trip to a family reunion in the Portland, OR area, where I learned at least one important fact: northwestern Oregon loves Papyrus. And as promised before, the last two batches are now available, thanks to Ichigo69 and beeyacht. The first contains only the final arc of the series, featuring the trimphant return of Michiru and Kaoru, their and Pretty Cure’s series of battles with previously defeated minion, and the four’s final confrontations with Gohyaan and Akudaikaan. And the second batch is of course the entire series, aside from the movie.  From the third link, you can get a .rar archive of the scripts for all 49 episodes and the movie. I recommend giving them a read-through, as I included extra information about translation and editing decisions that wasn’t displayed in the actual releases. Additional lulz can also be had, particularly in the final episode’s script.

All in all, it’s been a fun adventure 1-manning the second half of this series and re-releasing the first. I knew from working on Sugar Sugar Rune that subbing Magical Girl anime that aired several years ago wouldn’t bring me fame and acclaim across the fansubbing world. But I figure that even if only ~1300 people DL these releases, it’s still completely worth it to be a hero to those 1300 people and Pretty Cure fandom in general. So hopefully I can continue delivering quality subs for this franchise in the future. But first, I’m going to focus on my re-releasing operation and continue watching through Yes! Pretty Cure 5 before I do any more Pretty Cure subbing work.

I may post some entries in this blog about general anime and fansubbing issues, and I’ll of course be checking back for more comments. Also, if you enjoyed my releases beyond merely “Yes it’s finally subbed!”, feel free to comment on AniDB and MAL. Even though there’s no competing releases to compare with, I still like seeing reviews on subbing quality.

July 22, 2010

49 – Final Episode: All the lights in the sky are Splash Stars

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Pretty Cure Splash Star Complete Final Episode On January 28th, 2007, episode 49 of Pretty Cure Splash Star aired on Japanese TV. And now, a week short of 3 and a half years later, I’m proud to present it in English and thus complete the subbing of this series.  It’s the final phase of the final battle between Pretty Cure / Michiru&Kaoru and Gohyaan, where they learn the true intentions of their enemy. Can they survive and triumph over impossible odds? Well, given the type of show this is, they probably can. But what of the Kiryuus, who were told that if the power of destruction vanished, they’d vanish with it? You know, this all reminds me of a certain Gainax anime that started airing two months after Splash Star ended…

At any rate, break out the tissue boxes for an ending that surpasses the ends of both prior seasons, imo.  Whenever my motivation to sub this show faltered, I could always watch a few scenes from 49 to renew my determination. The only thing I regret on the subbing front is not doing subs for the extended ED 1 that plays as an insert song. But the only parts you really hear are the lyrics from the TV version, and insert karaoke is considered distracting in many circles.

I will be away from my home and Internet connection for the next 5 days, so you might not see a 41-49 batch until Tuesday. Then again, you might see one before that, so keep an eye on the comments and the usual torrent sites.  Also, there will hopefully be a complete 01-49 batch on bakabt. More thoughts in a later post.

Torrent [CRC=59294F55] || DDL

July 21, 2010

48 – This planet will be destroyed… in FIVE MINUTES!

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Pretty Cure Splash Star Gohyaan

He's already sent them flying halfway across the city.

So, here we are at the penultimate episode, wherein Pretty Cure, Kaoru, and Michiru battle the true final foe of the series, the man behind the man, the one pulling all the strings from behind the curtains. Yes (spoilers!) it’s Gohyaan, the polite yet threatening second-in-command, and he is pissed off enough to get serious enough to destroy the whole world and Pretty Cure & friends with it. You may think I’m amazingly fast to get this episode out so soon. You may be right, but episodes like 48 are a translator’s and timer’s dream. Thanks to the long stretches of fighting with no actual dialogue, this is the shortest script in the series by far, clocking in at a mere 6 lines per minute where most have 15 lines per minute or more.

And these fights are definitely worth the wait, as they’re awesome enough to prove why Pretty Cure is truly Dragon Ball Z for girls. It’s the best-animated, highest-action episode of the series, although astute viewers will note sequences taken straight from the OP animation. But that’s not to say that 48 doesn’t deliver on the drama/emotional front, because it definitely does. Of course, 49 (which is already translated) goes even better on the latter. Barring unforeseen delays, I should have 49 released sometime during 7-21-10 (GMT-5).

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July 20, 2010

47 – You DARE bring LIGHT to my LAIR?! YOU MUST DIE!

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Beam tug-of-war: It never gets old.

Actually, this post’s title is a misnomer, because nobody dies in Bleach Pretty Cure. They may get defeated, get destroyed, vanish, disappear, perish, or return to another dimension the darkness from whence they came, but they don’t die or get killed. Who says “Never Say Die”is exclusive to censored English dubs?

At any rate, the battle with Akudaikaan continues, though not without some rather surprising developments. I have to confess, I did not see the plot twist in episode 47 coming when I originally watched the raws a year ago. After all, I don’t watch Magical Girl anime looking for unpredictable and original plots. I watch them to see girls kicking butt in the battle of good and evil, along with the power of friendship, the power of love, tragic sacrifices, “never give up” attitudes, and of course the school/romance side stories. Actually, I guess Max Heart did something similar, though that was more of an “Oh by the way I’m the Dark King now lol” thing.

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46 – The Last Hurrah

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Pretty Cure Splash Star Akudaikaan

You all sound like chapters from a self-help book!

Episode 46 brings us into the true final arc of the series. Pretty Cure and the Kiryuu sisters have made it through the boss rush of the 5 minions, and now it’s time to take on Dr. Wily Akudaikaan. Forget about the cute and heartwarming misadventures with sibling conflicts, romance, friends, and school issues. Splash Star is now playing for keeps. While Michiru and Kaoru want to go it alone, Saki and Mai are having none of that. After learning that obvious traps are obvious, the four find themselves in a seemingly-futile struggle against their greatest foe. First with words, then with kicks, punches, and whatever magical power they can muster. And to think, this final battle against Akudaikaan can only get more epic  over the next three episodes.

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July 19, 2010

Batch #2: Twin Destinies

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Well, this was released a couple of days ago, but I realized I hadn’t made an actual post about it. So here it is, batch torrent #2/5, spanning episodes 14-23. These episodes chronicle the rocky beginning and tragic end of Pretty Cure’s friendship with Michiru and Kaoru Kiryuu, as well as their battles with earth-elemental minion Dorodoron.


July 17, 2010

22 & 23 – U Gonna Get Befriended

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Pretty Cure Splash Star Michiru Kiryuu Kaoru Kiryuu

Michiru, Kaoru... this might hurt a little bit...

And with these two episodes, several things come to an end. I was hoping for a few more episodes with Michiru and Kaoru as enemies, since they were much more interesting and competent than Karehaan, Moerumba, and Dorodoron. But alas, it was not meant to be. Having seen the second half of the show takes a little bit away from the drama of these episodes. But the first time seeing them was another story. Also, episodes 22 and 23 complete the re-releases of the MFTGX TV-rips. So from now on, it’ll be all-new material around here as I tackle the translation and release of the final four episodes.

22 Torrent [CRC=3BF745F8] || 22 DDL

23 Torrent [CRC=4C8EBBC6] || 23 DDL

A batch torrent for 14-23 will follow this post, once seeding pools for 22 and 23 have been established.

July 13, 2010

45 – Minions die if they are killed…

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Pretty Cure Splash Star Saki Hyuuga Minori Hyuuga Santa

Um, wrong transformation there, Saki.

This triangular-numbered episode of Splash Star is the obligatory late-season Christmas/romance episode, as we saw with Nagisa and Fujimura in both of the previous seasons. Remember, little sister’s friends are a player’s dream.  But all is not fun, games, and cakes. The remaining Dark Fall minions, Kintolesky and Ms. Shitataare take the field against Pretty Cure, desperate to find the princess and punish Michiru and Kaoru for their treachery. Who will survive?

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July 8, 2010

21 – All the lights in the sky are Uzainaa

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Pretty Cure Splash Star Uzainaa Michiru Kaoru

Meteo takes forever to cast; Nuke is more efficient for half the cost.

With Dorodoron out of the picture, Pretty Cure put on a relaxing stargazing party. Surely they expect another threatening yet goofy elemental-themed minion to come and attack them, but these expectations go unfulfilled. Instead, they confront one of the more competent Uzainaa, but it’s masterless… or is it? Mai, ever the smart one, has suspicions about their strangely cold and unemotional new friends, Michiru and Kaoru.

Also, note how Kenta’s da man, being the only guy invited to the stargazing party other than Mai’s father and brother. And thanks to Junko Takeuchi voicing Kenta as well, I can’t listen to Rin Natsuki in Yes Pretty Cure 5 without thinking she’s a trap. Or without thinking she should use Rasengan instead of Pretty Cure Rouge Fire.

Torrent [CRC=7C71D27F] || DDL

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