September 27, 2012

Off-Topic: A wonderful tale

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I have always loved visual novels ever since I first played Kanon, but recently a new fan-translation came out that I think is worth publicising.

I am talking of course about “Tomoyo After: It’s A Wonderful life”

A direct follow-on from Clannad, as it picks up after the Tomoyo Good End, it involves Tomoya in his new job while in his relationship with Tomoyo, when they adopt a little girl who had been abandoned.

But my comments on it now I’ve finished it:
A truly beautiful Visual Novel in both art and story.
My three favourite novels: Kanon, Yume Miru Kusuri, and Katawa Shoujo pale against it in my mind and they were excellent in their own ways too.
Tomoyo After: It’s A Wonderful life really is a masterpiece, and if you have any interest in visual novels you should read it.

Many thanks to Doki Fansubs for translating it.

I know it’s off-topic, but I felt the word needed spread as the guys at Doki did a wonderful job.

August 7, 2012

A Massive Apology

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As Zalis hinted, things have been going down on my end, and they’ve not been pretty.

After i came back home from university things got hairy, so hairy in fact that I was living on fumes and needed to get a job (which ended up being jobs). Add in family problems and a student loans company which does it’s best to be obtrusive, and you’ve got somewhere close to the 2 months of hell I’ve had.

So i’m sorry as 45 has been stalled with me for all this time, and i’m going to try my best to get cracking and make up for lost time now the loans are sorted and my paycheck is in.

EDIT: And 45’s time is now with zalis, we’ve got a system prepared so we should be able to bash out the rest fairly rapidly. Now to time 49…

June 10, 2012

Fresh Pretty Cure Completely Subbed!

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FPC image

It’s a little late in posting, but I wanted to give a shout-out of congratulations to the folks at CureCom, who on 6-6-12 released the final episode of Fresh Pretty Cure. The project began on February 7th 2009, endured several skips and stalls, and featured contributions from numerous individuals. CureCom’s completion of FPC makes it the first “back-catalogue” (non-currently-airing) Pretty Cure series to be completely subbed since I finished Splash Star in July 2010. At one point I had hoped to finish Yes Pretty Cure 5 before they finished Fresh, but I knew it would be an uphill battle against a lot of subbing work that had already been done on the last FPC episodes.

And even if the subs weren’t as perfect as Miki Aono (few things are, after all), they have certainly been solid enough to make the show enjoyable through the 36 episodes I’ve seen so far. So once again, hats off to the CureCom crew, and good luck in your future endeavors, whether those be the DVD versions of Fresh or any other projects. After all, who knows what lies beyond Smile… “Fainaru Purikyua,” perhaps?

Force Gaia’s word on this:

Fresh was the first season I looked at which wasn’t complete and I was a little disappointed to find that less than 5 of the first episodes had been subbed as I’d loved what I’d watched. But in the 2-and-a-bit years I’ve been in the community I’ve seen the project grow and grow, enjoying every moment of it. So I’ve respect for those guys, and in a way I think it was their efforts that inspired me to ask Zalis if he had any plans of doing YPC5 and offering my assistance in the first place.

If you REALLY want something that won’t be unheard, try watching Seikon no Qwaser. You’ll never look at Nozomi the same way again once you find out Sasha’s Seiyuu. Eri Kitamura on the other hand has done a fair few more shocking roles, and will remain my favorite seiyuu ever (I actually almost mistook the little girl for Miu from Papakiki)

Now after i finish this arc of Quaser, i’m going to watch the last 3 episodes of fresh in one sitting. Only then i might get back onto our own series after a number of real-life issues decided they were going to beat on me one after another.

May 26, 2012

A quick semi-personal post

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Today I was in London at the MCM expo.

Normally I’d never imagine to see anything Pretty Cure related in the United Kingdom, as we literally only got the Canadian dub over here in September 2010, but it was on a subcription-only young girls channel so it pretty much slipped under the radar to magical girl anime fans over here.

Now as anyone who has gone to an expo or convention would know, cosplayers are just part of the experience, but never did i expect to find cosplays of Cure Melody and Cure Peace at a UK Expo. I was even told by one of them that many more Pretty Cure cosplayers were going to the event tomorrow (sunday 27th) which I’ll not be attending.

I did point them in the direction of this site, and if they’re reading this: Welcome to the home of everything Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Pretty Cure Splash Star. The dude you spoke to is indeed the guy who Times and Quality Checks the YPC5 we do, and I hope you join the larger community on livejournal. I’m known as the_code_monkey on Livejounal, TotalCodemonkey on Youtube, and Force Gaia pretty much everywhere else I appear on the internet.

Here’s a link to the precure community on livejournal for anyone (cosplayer or not) who wishes to join, as I’ve noticed in some of the comments that we’ve received that they’re coming straight to us (which we’ve got no objection to though) but they may not be aware of the community on livejournal that may interest them

there has been a link to this in the sidebar since forever though

Anyway, again welcome to anyone who wishes to join the larger community based on Livejournal!

April 1, 2012


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In the UK it is now 02/04/2012 so I’m going to come clean. As many people guessed this was an april fools, and a rather good one i might add as it seems to have got some people genuinely worried (either that or they forgot the date and didn’t bother reading the other comments).We will be continuing the drip-feed you quality subbed Yes! Pretty Cure 5! don’t worry!

Well we’ve done the most new episodes since arienai, but we’ve sadly come to the conclusion that it’s our time to stop. Zalis has his other subbing projects which are keeping him busy, and I have a ton of university work I’ve got to do.

Enjoy finding the next group to pick it up.

January 23, 2012

DDLs may die

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Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you must have heard that Megaupload has been shut by the feds, and other cyber-locker sites are closing or stopping filesharing.

as a result many, if not all our DDL links may become dead, so from now on all our posts will also include links to the #precure channel on and the packlist for the [Precure]AllStars IRC Bot

For those of you who don’t know what that means, I’ve created a video to help. (and before i get any idiots posting about it, The_Code_Monkey is the Alias I use on LJ and TotalCodeMonkey is my Youtube name)

As well as the video, my good friend Elizara has posted a text walkthrough on her website to help out:

January 15, 2012

Help Stop SOPA – What’s going down on the 18th?

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As many of you may be aware the PROTECT IP / SOPA Act is making its way through the US Congress. We are asking for your help to stop it. Please follow the links below to pledge you support, even if you don’t live in the United States.

I, Force Gaia, may be a resident of the United Kingdom, but I still care as many Fansubbers, including Zalis, are based in the US, and there are elements of the bill that will affect those outside the US like myself.

This bill will cause a major problem for fansubbers all over the world as it will give powers that will allow the entertainment industry to prevent access to those sites in US borders, but most importantly, it’ll pave the way for other countries to pass similar laws and will meddle with the inner workings of the internet.

But I’ve just scratched the surface, here is the skinny directly from the site.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

The other thing you may want to know is that in protest to this, a number of sites, both large and small, will be going on strike on the 18th.

EDIT 17/01/2012 00:41 GMT by Force Gaia: As i write this there has been some officially confirmed sites that are striking, including: Reddit, Wikipedia, WordPress, Mozilla, Tucows and Twitpic. For a full list of sites both confirmed and unconfirmed, look here.

November 19, 2011

The formats of our releases

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First the good news, before i get really heavy, depressing and rather pissed:

Zalis mailed the script for 35 to me on Wednesday and I’m about to get onto QC’ing it

Now for an abrupt tone-shift:

I jsut want to make this as clear as i possibly can, as we’ve had at least three different people ask about it. To be honest, i can’t believe that I’m actually clarifying how we release as it’s really not hard to understand (plus zalis was doing it EXACTLY the same way while subbing splash), and it’s probable that it’s only a dozen or so ejits morons lesser-than-bright people who can’t get their head around it, but here I am in the hope it’ll stop the aforementioned people from asking stupid questions.

We will continue release as we are doing so currently:

  • Torrent (which Zalis starts then a few friends from the precure community help seed it)
  • Direct Download Link (DDL, provided to us by CureGecko, and on occasion by Elizara if she’s feeling generous and gives me one when she catches me on IRC)
  • Presence on the [PreCure]AllStars XDCC bot in (when Rika_chama notices there’s been a release and puts it on there)

Did anyone notice a method that wasn’t listed there?

Yes, the method I’m talking about is Streaming, and it’s not happening, EVER.

and by that i mean:


and by asking I mean even if you ask us were you can find one already up, and the answer is: we don’t know because they shouldn’t be there

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October 2, 2011

Of Codecs and Playback

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Recently we’ve had a few comments saying they can’t see the subs. (chalk up another one as of 22/01/12)

As we’ve had MANY people enjoy our subs with no problems, I can say for sure it’s a problem on their end, most likely with their playback software.

When fansubbing anime we have to encode our releases so that what you’re downloading isn’t all that massive, but that also means at the other end, you guys have to have the right stuff installed to play it back. What you need then is a codec pack.

Read on for info of how so get yourself ready to watch our releases.

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June 7, 2010

17 – If the Nazis get their hands on this Haniwa…

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Pretty Cure Splash Star Mai Mishou

She used to, but Marisa stole it.

Torrent [CRC=5FA4806F] || DDL

Wow, two episodes in one day. In episode 17, Mai learns the lesson that people and their feelings are more important than objects. Oddly enough, I learned the exact opposite lesson as a child: that objects are more important than people’s feelings. After all, people can live on, even if they’re wracked by guilt, trauma, or a little physical pain. But once objects are irreparably damaged or destroyed, they’re gone forever.

…Wait, that’s not much of a lesson at all, is it?  But anyway, watch for how Michiru and Kaoru’s cold and unemotional demeanor actually provides reasonable solutions to… emotional problems. The same thing happens in the next episode, too.

And on a sidenote, episode 17 was the last episode that MFTGX released as hardsubbed .avi, so now every episode that’s been translated is available softsubbed. As stated in the torrent comment, thanks again go Mystery Person X for providing the scripts for 2-17 and sparing me from OCRing eps 10-17. However, the OCR experience I gained was invaluable in springboarding my re-releasing operation. Check it out for high-quality releases of Strawberry 100%, Touka Gettan, and hopefully more in the future.

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