September 27, 2012

For those asking about GoGo YET AGAIN

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In the past week I’ve answered two identical questions, in an nutshell they were:

[Start paraphrase]
What’s happening with gogo? as doremi hasn’t released in ages, and you’re really close to the end of YPC5 so….
[End Paraphrase]

The answer about us doing GoGo is exactly the same as the last time I said it (and will always be the same): we will only even consider talking about doing our own version of GoGo when we’ve subbed the ENTIRETY of YPC5, that means all of 1-49.

In regards to doremi doing gogo: for those people who can’t understand this simple fact I’ll spell it out for them: We (as in me and Zalis) are part of the precure community, that is true; however this does not mean we have insight into what’s going on at other groups in the community. We are not part of doremi and are not privy to what does on behind the scenes there.

I have asked Ladholyman (Co-founder/leader of Doremi) on the community’s behalf and here is the transcript

<ForceGaia> Would you guys mind giving an update on the status of GoGo? as the PCSS blog is starting to get idiots expecting me and Zalis to have the answers
<Ladholyman> i have no idea actually
<Ladholyman> the tl is probably busy
<Ladholyman> tell the guys to wait

And there you have it, a stall because a member is busy, I expected as much.

So if you’re that desperate to have GoGo, learn to use IRC (there is a video on how to do so on this blog somewhere) and join #doremi and ask there, but whatever you do JUST DON’T ASK US, WE CAN’T HELP.

September 2, 2012

An Update

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Just an update regarding the last two yes Pretty Cure 5 episodes

48 is translated, but has been stalled at me awaiting timing as i’ve been packing and moving. But now I’m pretty much sorted in my new place, that is on my agenda tomorrow.
49 is at QC

Our plan after 49 is to re-sub the earlier eps to bring them up to standard with our other subs in terms of wording, style and softsubbing; that will be done before we even consider making a decision about doing our own verison of GoGo as we still have people asking about it despite Doremi already doing it.

August 13, 2012

ErrorWatch – The Yes5 Edition

Posted in News/Update, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 1:10 am by zalis116

As we draw ever closer to finally having this series completely (“officially”) subbed, we will be looking back on some earlier episodes to do some corrections and updates in the form of v2s. To that end, I’d like to request the help of all you eagle-eyed viewers out there to point out any errors or inconsistencies you may have seen. Some issues that are already known, and will be corrected are:

27 – adding a “plain” alternate subtitle track
39 – fix some TL errors caused by over-interpretation
45 – mis-identification in a transformation sequence
46 – two lines not positioned correctly in OP

Be aware that I am in the “liberal” subtitling camp, so I’m not above re-ordering/re-writing things to sound better in English, or occasionally using non-standard grammar for effect. But if you’ve spotted other genuine errors in our Yes Pretty Cure 5 releases (typos, grammar/usage mistakes, excessively vague/wrong translations, karaoke/formatting issues, timing gaffes, inconsistency between episodes on repeated lines, etc.), please post them so we can get them fixed before releasing the final-final batches.

Force Gaia: I will be going over them myself to make up for my error in 45, but if anyone can help it’s appreciated as a fresh set of eyes is always good.

August 7, 2012

A Massive Apology

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As Zalis hinted, things have been going down on my end, and they’ve not been pretty.

After i came back home from university things got hairy, so hairy in fact that I was living on fumes and needed to get a job (which ended up being jobs). Add in family problems and a student loans company which does it’s best to be obtrusive, and you’ve got somewhere close to the 2 months of hell I’ve had.

So i’m sorry as 45 has been stalled with me for all this time, and i’m going to try my best to get cracking and make up for lost time now the loans are sorted and my paycheck is in.

EDIT: And 45’s time is now with zalis, we’ve got a system prepared so we should be able to bash out the rest fairly rapidly. Now to time 49…

April 22, 2012

YPC5 41 – Not an April Fool

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This line was actually in the script before I edited it out for a more realistic one, it doesn’t change that it was pure brilliance though.

You’ve got to admit that April Fools joke was brilliant right? StarSoldier2009 on LJ seemed to think so.

But joking aside, this is actually a rather good episode:

Komachi stops writing, Nightmare re-organises its personnel, Nozomi plays director, Urara turns down a feast, Bloody enters the fray again, and Nuts seems to have a cold.

The one part of the joke that was true however is that I have a crap-ton of work to do, it comes part and parcel of being a university student. The hand in for them all is the 5th May so I won’t be touching YPC5 until after then, although Zalis should be prepping things in the background ready for my return so we can get moving again then.

Zalis: Indeed, the above picture is a good example of ForceGaia keeping my more outlandish subbing liberties in check. I guess I should’ve saved that line for when they were actually transforming.
Also ongoing in the background are preparations to re-release earlier episodes. If anyone’s interested in helping to transcribe a few episodes of Arienai’s subs, let me know. All that remains are eps 14-19.


[Precure]AllStars IRC Bot List on

April 1, 2012


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In the UK it is now 02/04/2012 so I’m going to come clean. As many people guessed this was an april fools, and a rather good one i might add as it seems to have got some people genuinely worried (either that or they forgot the date and didn’t bother reading the other comments).We will be continuing the drip-feed you quality subbed Yes! Pretty Cure 5! don’t worry!

Well we’ve done the most new episodes since arienai, but we’ve sadly come to the conclusion that it’s our time to stop. Zalis has his other subbing projects which are keeping him busy, and I have a ton of university work I’ve got to do.

Enjoy finding the next group to pick it up.

March 15, 2012

About Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go!

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Ok, Yet another FAQ…

Are we doing Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go! after we finish YPC5?

Answer: Too soon to say, as we’d rather re-sub the older episodes of YPC5 than immediately move on to the next season, as we see that as priority. We know DVD raws exist for GoGo and we get the feeling Curecom will be continuing with it once we’re done. We will help, maybe as a joint, if whoever does it would like to work with us. But if nobody ends up doing it, we’ll decide then and no earlier.

But all in all, it’s too early to say.

But I wouldn’t have to say this if folks bothered going though comments on other posts, so if you have any more questions, LOOK ON OTHER POSTS FIRST to see if it has already been answered.

January 30, 2012

About YPC5 25 & 26

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Here’s another FAQ: Where are Yes Pretty Cure 5 episodes 25 and 26?

The answer: At Aesir Subs. They managed to get two new episodes out before they stopped YPC5 and we picked up where they left off in attempt to get more new stuff done.

So please, I’ve answered the 3 most commonly answered questions we’re asked, so can you please read them before you ask them again.

January 23, 2012

DDLs may die

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Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you must have heard that Megaupload has been shut by the feds, and other cyber-locker sites are closing or stopping filesharing.

as a result many, if not all our DDL links may become dead, so from now on all our posts will also include links to the #precure channel on and the packlist for the [Precure]AllStars IRC Bot

For those of you who don’t know what that means, I’ve created a video to help. (and before i get any idiots posting about it, The_Code_Monkey is the Alias I use on LJ and TotalCodeMonkey is my Youtube name)

As well as the video, my good friend Elizara has posted a text walkthrough on her website to help out:

January 15, 2012

Help Stop SOPA – What’s going down on the 18th?

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As many of you may be aware the PROTECT IP / SOPA Act is making its way through the US Congress. We are asking for your help to stop it. Please follow the links below to pledge you support, even if you don’t live in the United States.

I, Force Gaia, may be a resident of the United Kingdom, but I still care as many Fansubbers, including Zalis, are based in the US, and there are elements of the bill that will affect those outside the US like myself.

This bill will cause a major problem for fansubbers all over the world as it will give powers that will allow the entertainment industry to prevent access to those sites in US borders, but most importantly, it’ll pave the way for other countries to pass similar laws and will meddle with the inner workings of the internet.

But I’ve just scratched the surface, here is the skinny directly from the site.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

The other thing you may want to know is that in protest to this, a number of sites, both large and small, will be going on strike on the 18th.

EDIT 17/01/2012 00:41 GMT by Force Gaia: As i write this there has been some officially confirmed sites that are striking, including: Reddit, Wikipedia, WordPress, Mozilla, Tucows and Twitpic. For a full list of sites both confirmed and unconfirmed, look here.

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