March 11, 2017

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 18 – The Surprisingly Honest Media

Posted in Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 10:38 pm by zalis116

This time around, Pretty Cure’s secret identities are at risk when Mika Masuko enters the Minazuki compound, with camera and voice recorder in hand. What will she find? Opulent grandeur? Shallow decadence? Secret pre-election dealings with Nightmare? Abused servants? Or just a nasty arachnid infestation?


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  1. Cure Violet said,

    Hi, sorry, this isn’t related, I just don’t know how else to contact you–Would you ever consider subbing the movie Precure Splash Star Maji Doki Theater? Or do you know if anyone already has? The thing is, I can’t find any fan subs of that particular movie, and I love Splash Star.

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