February 5, 2014

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 03 – Dangerous Inquiring Minds

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 3:24 am by zalis116


Maybe you’d thought I’d forgotten about this project, but it’s just been a crazy few months including staffing a convention, numerous holiday season parties with friends and family, finishing one anime every day in December, my imouto being back in the country for a month, and a comedy of hardware errors including a malfunctioning fan that finally spurred me to migrate everything to my new PC and an external HDD that keeps dying and mysteriously reviving. (At least I’ve managed to copy virtually all the raws and files from it that can’t be easily re-downloaded via well-seeded torrents on popular sites.) I’d also temporarily forgotten to migrate the Yes Pretty Cure 5 scripts, raws, and releases to the new PC, but fortunately the old machine isn’t completely dead.

Anyway, here’s the third episode of Yes Pretty Cure 5, in which a lonely actress’s web of lies about her happy school life comes crashing to the ground.


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  1. I’m a fan of your work! I’ve watched most of your work honestly – at least the Precure Stuff. Anyway – I saw you had an issue with a HDD? There is a really good bit of software called “spinrite” thats really good about repairing drives and restoring the data (but after you repair you need to move everything to a new HDD).

    That is my 2 cents…

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