August 27, 2013

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 02 – Cool Story, Sis

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In this second episode, Nozomi begins her Pretty Cure recruitment program by going after her best friend, Rin. But Rin’s the more practical type who isn’t so accepting of all this talk of magic and other worlds. Man, after working on the latter half of the show, I’d forgotten that Bunbee was once a moderately threatening figure.

Torrent [CRC=EB760B07]


  1. jim said,

    isnt this getting bds soon

    • zalis116 said,

      So what if it is? It’ll probably just be an lolUpscale anyway, Plus, chances are there won’t be softsubs available for most of the first 20 episodes unless I release them. And the future Blu-Ray release is no reason that SD watchers should be limited to hardsubbed TV-rips with somewhat error-ridden subs.

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