February 14, 2013

YPC5 – 25-26v2

Posted in Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 3:29 pm by zalis116

As promised in the past, these are new versions of episodes 25 and 26 that use new encodes by KoR, rather than remuxes of Aesir’s releases. Aside from minor timeshifting, the subtitles are unchanged. Aesir’s subs are still included as a third track.

25v2 Torrent [CRC=C93D3BEF]
26v2 Torrent [CRC=25244DAF]


  1. Niva said,

    Hi I just want to ask, when we could see new episodes?

    • Force Gaia said,

      Lets put it this way:
      Whatever we release now won’t be “new” as all the episodes are now subbed at least once.
      If you mean said re-subs, no concrete ETA at present, and i will explain why when I get around to it.

  2. puchiko said,

    Is there a DDL link available for any of these~?

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