February 14, 2013

Yes Pretty Cure 5 in 720p

Posted in Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 12:19 pm by zalis116

For those looking for a higher-resolution version of Yes! Pretty Cure 5, DmonHiro has released episodes 21-49 in 1280×720 from HDTV sources. He was just waiting on me to release 23 and 24 to fill in the gap. You can find that batch torrent here, and it also includes Arienai’s .mp4 releases of 1-20 for your downloading convenience.

Is this show technically “worth” 720p, or is the HDTV broadcast just an upscale? I don’t know, and I’ve seen the case made for both sides. (I’m inclined to believe it isn’t, as Toei’s animation has always been a few years behind the times, and this show aired in 2007-08.) And personally, I prefer to get/release disc versions of Pretty Cure shows whenever possible, since they don’t have things like station logos, broadcast announcements, movie/merchandising messages, or clocks. There’s also the chance of fixed animation, and in the case of eps 25-26 and 32-42, extended/complete Next Episode Previews.

Still, I suppose it’s good that people who want 720p versions have that option available, and I’d rather see HDTV encodes out there than 720placebo DVD upscales. (Not that the DVDs were exceptional quality to begin with.) DmonHiro has said that he does not intend to do eps 1-20, as he felt Arienai’s subs were sufficient. I would say there’s room for improvement, but it’s kind of a moot point; HDTV raws for those episodes have never been commonly available in the first place. If they were, I would be willing to release 720p versions of 1-20 alongside the DVD releases.

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