November 24, 2012

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 21 – The Day Things Went Sour

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 5:22 am by zalis116

Starting in on some more re-releases of older episodes, episode 21 unfortunately marks the introduction of the third mascot character, Milk. Now, our feelings about Milk have been conveyed in various places, including the totally authentic line of dialogue above. I can respect what they did in having a mascot who’s not entirely cute, friendly, and noble. However, I’d prefer the amorality of a certain contract-forming critter over the self-serving immorality of Milk.

Subs for this episode are based on the translations by Aesir and Eggplant, with Aesir’s timing as a base. As with episodes 25 and 26, I have included Aesir’s original script as the third subtitle stream.

Torrent [CRC=5D1AE662]


  1. minohoro said,

    is milk any better in the sequel?

    • Victoria Wilcox said,

      only a little bit, but still a real bitch.

      • minohoro said,

        well a real bitch is better then a total bitch. still at least in gogo she actually DID SOMETHING!

        btw i havent watched gogo yet but from what I read does the series take a more adventure approach or are they still in high school?

    • Victoria Wilcox said,

      True but as long as she can kick butt, I’m fine with her being mean xD

  2. williukea said,

    gogo is reallt interesting and half of the series are already subbed but they doesnt moves up a grade they are still in same grade (unless they moves a grade in last episode of gogo) there is more adventures and a relation to smile fairy-tales theme (shibiretta) and our old friend is back (bunbee) new faces comes (like milk(y rose) and syrup and mailpo i like the season so far and i also like milk she isnt a bitch i saw much more bitchier girls in anime and cartoons (e.g. diaspro and that underground queen and stellas stepmother with her daughter and of course the trix from winx club)

  3. Carmen said,

    unlike Diaspro, milk knows when she’s lost her guy. lol, besides if it weren’t for their strong feelings for each other, nozomi wouldn’t have made it out alive.

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