November 12, 2012

YPC5 – 2nd Half v2 Extravaganza

Posted in Batches, Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 3:35 am by zalis116

Just because the series is completely subbed, it doesn’t mean we’re done here. Oh no, not by a long shot. After being busy with and finally recovering from the convention I staff at, it’s time to get underway with more Yes! Pretty Cure 5 releases. The first order of business is some v2s to correct some major and minor errors that were made along the way. Episodes affected are:

27: Adding the alternate plain sub track.
39: Some translation fixes.
45: Correcting a wrong name in one line.
46: Fixing placement errors in the OP karaoke.
48: Retiming one line that started late, plus a few other things you probably won’t notice.

Certain other episodes have some minor errors in the karaoke, but I didn’t think it was worth v2ing almost every single episode.


Patches DDL

To run the patches, unpack the .rar in the same folder where you have the previous PCSS YPC5 releases, then click the .bat file. It should run automatically and create the v2s. Afterwards, you can delete the v1s and all the associated patch files.


  1. Ichigo69 said,

    v2 Episodes are now being seeded and are on the [PreCure]AllStars bot on Rizon IRC.

  2. Armisael said,

    are you going to release a final batch with all the episodes and v2 ?

  3. minohoro said,

    so I take it you wont do precure gogo or your delaying it? thats like the only precure without subs and I hope awesome guys will do it.

    • minohoro said,

      oh wait I juast found doremi fansubs. HOORAY! now where are the downloads

      • Force Gaia said,

        That comment just saved me the trouble of ridiculing you
        as it has been previously said on this blog, and i another post on the main page, that we won’t think about doing our own version of gogo until we’ve done the re-subs, and as uni is killing my time the next releases should be after mid december when i break up for winter break

  4. minohoro said,

    sorry gaia! I didn’t even know of you OR doremi when showed up! sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!

    • minohoro said,

      but wait, why were you going to ridicule me? I wasnt trying to be an asshole or anything. like I said I didnt know about doremi when I posted the comment and yet you were going to ridicule me? it was just a simple question that I didnt know about.

      • minohoro said,

        …please respond. I would hate to think if a subber found me stupid or something because I appreciate fansubbers to death. even though I can understand japenese I still think its great for you people to take time out of your life to sub these shows to the masses and I would HATE to think I was on ones bad side.


      • zalis116 said,

        Don’t worry, you’re not on my bad side or anything. It’s just that we get those questions a lot, and wish people would “lurk more” and check previous posts where we’ve answered them. As for other groups subbing other series, that information is easily available via Google/MAL/AniDB, so it’s best to check those resources first.

  5. minohoro said,


    yeah I should have looked more. usually when looking for subbed stuff I aim for a certain episode to see how far it is subbed. so I usually get sent to anime sites who dont credit the subbers. the exact moment I posted the comment I found doremi fansubs AND curecom. I can be such a silly bunny sometimes.^_^

    but yeah I love how you people take time out of your lives for doing this stuff for everyone. I look forward to all your V2s! Ciao!

  6. Amythyst said,

    Trying to torrent both this and the 1-24 batch from the link on the first YPC5 post on here, but there’s no one seeding. Can anyone out there help with that?

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