October 10, 2012

YPC5 49 – Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 3:55 am by Force Gaia

So…. it’s actually happened…..


Yes, seriously this series has now been completed. I can hardly believe it either, but consider the curse of Yes Pretty Cure 5 officially broken.

We’ve put some special messages at the end of the video should anyone wish to read them.

Next on the agenda, the Yes5 movie and re-subbing the earlier episodes.
Zalis: To speak of the episode itself, I must say I liked Splash Star’s finale better. Kickass fight, massive explosions, tearjerking aftermath, roll epilogue. This ending had some noticeable wtf/left-field elements, and Toei decided to take a page from the Sailor Stars ending. (Which in all fairness, aired before Yes Pretty Cure 5’s main target audience was even born.) Still, any ending you can walk away from into a sequel is a good ending. And I hear the ending to the sequel is pretty darn epic, so there’s one thing to look forward to.

Torrent [CRC=1D5CE62B]

[Precure]AllStars IRC Bot List on #precure@irc.rizon.net


  1. K.o.R said,


  2. williukea said,

    yaaay you did it!!! you broke the pretty cure curse!!! for a long time i planned to make a congratulation video to all the groups that subbed or at least tried to sub this season but darn my stupid youtube video downloader it broke i cant download any videos now… but still you did it!!! now all thats left is to break a gogo curse and we will have all finished series of pretty cure completely except for ongoings but still congratulations

    • Force Gaia said,

      try downloading the proper way by torrenting or using the XDCC bot, then you’ll be able to make your video giving kudos, as the softsubs from us, doremi and curecom can have the subs stripped out to crate raw video

  3. Kimiko said,

    Yay! Thank you Force Gaia, Zalis 🙂
    Now I can finally start watching this series.

  4. sneezl said,

    Our long national nightmare is over! Thanks!

  5. Ivanhobe said,

    I guess i can´t congratulate you enough for this achievement, i better get on that YPC5 mini-marathon i promised myself before the world ends.

    Also, it is completely unfair to compare any ending to PCSS ending, i mean, how the heck do you top that?

    Regardless, congratulations on finishing this and thank you for all your efforts, and know that according to my research, you have just won the internet.

  6. FinalFan said,

    Holy shit I’m so wet now!

    Seriously, thanks a bunch for finally bring the end of this season for every Precure fan around! 😉

  7. thestarsamurai said,

    Thank you and congratulations for finishing subbing this season! 😀

  8. animefan_mex said,

    I’m deeply deeply deeply grateful to you all at PCSS for all the efforts you’ve done to share the Pretty Cure franchise worldwide. Unfortunately, as I once wrote to you before, only the first 26 chapters of the first saga (Futari wa Pretty Cure) were licenced here in Mexico… and then they were aired here weekdays at 3:00 AM, as if there were something hentai in them. =(( Thanks again to help me enjoy the wonderful Pretty Cure world. Now I just need YPC5-GoGo to watch it all! Please share my cheers with Doremi subs in their efforts as well. You’ve taught me that there’s no better way to break curses than hard work! Thank you very very very much!!! =D

  9. Phelix said,

    Thank you very much for completing one of the best Pretty Cure series of them all.

  10. Moeteru said,

    Thank you very much for your hard work !!!

  11. Crush-Zombie said,


  12. akuma2002 said,

    Dying of happiness! You’re gods among men, thanks a lot! 😀

  13. falcondjd said,

    Congratulations! You guys are heros of the internet!

  14. Cure_Cactus said,

    you guys are wonderful and I have no clue how to express my gratitude and joy in text format. Let me tell you, you’ve subbed seasons featuring my favorite heroes, but I think the real heroes are everyone at Splash Subs for allowing us to enjoy those heroes ❤ THANK YOU SPLASH SUBS AND EVERYONE INVOLVED!

  15. CrimsonDX said,

    Congratz on finishing guys~

    Once a batch file surfaces I will go on a nice YPC5 marathon ~ :3

  16. Elga N said,

    Thank you so much!

  17. nozomi-chan said,

    id better start watching this now because i heard rumors about the end of the world when you finish subbing this season… so i better hurry! i have so much to watch until the end of the world including the rwatch of yes pretty cure 5 because i finished raws and now its time to rewatch everything 😀

  18. !! Time for a marathon.
    Thanks for finishing this one.

  19. williukea said,

    hey i just downloaded episodes from 43 to the end but i checked 43 and 44 have no subs at the beginning i cant watch is it my computer like that or is sth wrong with subs because i cant even watch episodes after downloading them to my pc…

    • williukea said,

      just tried watching this by clicking play at torrents and there were subs but when i tried watching from downloads as it downloaded at dvix there were no subs so dont mind my last comment its ok if im able to watch them

      • Force Gaia said,

        I can confirm that it’s your computer, try following this guide to get your computer ready to play any fansub:

        Whatever you were usign before wasn’t suitable and you should never use it again. That tutorial will set up a load of codecs that will play pretty much anything, as long as you use Media Player Classic Home Cinema

  20. Katt Mangini said,

    You guys are my heroes, I couldn’t feel more joyous.
    YPC5 represents a stage of my life, and you were the ones who brought happiness to me.

    I’m eternally thankful to you,

    Thank you for the hard work… Thank you so much…

  21. Hoshikuzu said,

    Congrats guys. It’s nice to see all the pretty sure series are all subbed now. (minus GoGo! but it’s getting there!) Thanks for all your hard work!

  22. McHerp said,

    Now that it’s over I was thinking of starting it myself, but after mentioning a resub of the first episodes I’m inclined to wait a bit more. Will you be taking them out one at a time like you have so far, or will you get them all done then release everything as a complete batch?

    • Force Gaia said,

      “Not sure” is the honest answer, but most likely as single episodes as and when we do them.

      • McHerp said,

        That would be nice. Could start watching it as an “ongoing” series like that. Thanks.

  23. Ah! Just caught this update now, but YAYY!! YOU DID IT!! xD!! I was afraid the curse would never be broken after waiting to see this day for YEARS! xD!! Can’t wait for the movie! Might as well watch it again xD and maybe GoGo, we’ll see what happen when you get there xD
    Thank you for all your hard work!!

  24. Ted said,

    Congratulations, guys! Also, I think everyone will be happy to hear that Doremi has just recently (as of this posting) finished another episode of Gogo!

  25. williukea said,

    i know im late for about a month but only now my youtube downloader stopped being so stubborn and i could download one clip i needed to finish the video and heres http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fvr_C0xjwak the video to all teams that subbed yes pretty cure 5

  26. minohoro said,

    thanks guys!

    thats all I could think of 😦

  27. vanillacreme96 said,

    This is super late but good job finishing the series!

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