September 27, 2012

Off-Topic: A wonderful tale

Posted in Off-Topic at 9:59 pm by Force Gaia

I have always loved visual novels ever since I first played Kanon, but recently a new fan-translation came out that I think is worth publicising.

I am talking of course about “Tomoyo After: It’s A Wonderful life”

A direct follow-on from Clannad, as it picks up after the Tomoyo Good End, it involves Tomoya in his new job while in his relationship with Tomoyo, when they adopt a little girl who had been abandoned.

But my comments on it now I’ve finished it:
A truly beautiful Visual Novel in both art and story.
My three favourite novels: Kanon, Yume Miru Kusuri, and Katawa Shoujo pale against it in my mind and they were excellent in their own ways too.
Tomoyo After: It’s A Wonderful life really is a masterpiece, and if you have any interest in visual novels you should read it.

Many thanks to Doki Fansubs for translating it.

I know it’s off-topic, but I felt the word needed spread as the guys at Doki did a wonderful job.


  1. Is this the one with the bad ending, or the good ending? I’m not going to give any spoilers, but you should know what I mean when I say bad ending.

    • Ichigo69 said,

      There’s only one REAL ending and it’s the second saddest VN that I’ve ever played in my life. (Planetarian being the first). Tomoyo After is Maeda Jun (writer) at his absolute best.

      • Force Gaia said,

        I will have to look into this “Planetarian” as I’m a sucker for a sad story

    • Force Gaia said,

      Well the first run through i hit a “bad” end, second time a “neutral” end, and finally the only “good” end.
      I ain’t saying more than that, as ending can be seen as good or bad by different peoiple

      • You saying that makes me even more confused than I was before.

  2. irhamakoru said,

    Do you know where to download the game, the Pc version

  3. zalis116 said,

    I’m just hoping the script editing doesn’t have characters talking at each other instead of to each other.

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