September 27, 2012

For those asking about GoGo YET AGAIN

Posted in General, News/Update at 4:59 pm by Force Gaia

In the past week I’ve answered two identical questions, in an nutshell they were:

[Start paraphrase]
What’s happening with gogo? as doremi hasn’t released in ages, and you’re really close to the end of YPC5 so….
[End Paraphrase]

The answer about us doing GoGo is exactly the same as the last time I said it (and will always be the same): we will only even consider talking about doing our own version of GoGo when we’ve subbed the ENTIRETY of YPC5, that means all of 1-49.

In regards to doremi doing gogo: for those people who can’t understand this simple fact I’ll spell it out for them: We (as in me and Zalis) are part of the precure community, that is true; however this does not mean we have insight into what’s going on at other groups in the community. We are not part of doremi and are not privy to what does on behind the scenes there.

I have asked Ladholyman (Co-founder/leader of Doremi) on the community’s behalf and here is the transcript

<ForceGaia> Would you guys mind giving an update on the status of GoGo? as the PCSS blog is starting to get idiots expecting me and Zalis to have the answers
<Ladholyman> i have no idea actually
<Ladholyman> the tl is probably busy
<Ladholyman> tell the guys to wait

And there you have it, a stall because a member is busy, I expected as much.

So if you’re that desperate to have GoGo, learn to use IRC (there is a video on how to do so on this blog somewhere) and join #doremi and ask there, but whatever you do JUST DON’T ASK US, WE CAN’T HELP.


  1. CybeastGregarX said,

    Don’t you just hate it when people keep asking the same stupid stuff over and over again and you already said something about it the first time? -___-

    • Jecka said,

      Seriously. >_>
      Don’t they have other things to do instead of bothering those poor ppl?
      They’re busy, leave them alone.

  2. Ichigo69 said,

    Okay, some further information:
    Anonymous TL (the guy giving the translations to Doremi) pretty much spat out translations for GoGo that, in effect amounted to almost 2 a day for a while there. Hell, that’s a shitton of translating. If he’s taking a break… HE FUCKING DESERVES IT.

    Anyway, all that to say, it will get going again. Just take it easy, people.

    • zalis116 said,

      Indeed, even with this monthlong break (which is only half the time needed to be officially “stalled” on AniDB), their pace has been just a little over a week per episode — essentially as fast as an ongoing/airing series, and certainly faster than us.

  3. Ship All the CURES said,

    I learned a long time ago that you never ask(or beg) when something is done, I just make a small visit, see that nothing is out yet and carry on with my life

  4. lcslouis said,

    so at what stage is episode 49 at?

    • Force Gaia said,

      coming, you’re getting nothing more than that.
      learn that it’s bad manners to ask a fansubber when something is coming and i’d be within my right to make fun of you

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