September 11, 2012

YPC5 26 – Never Thought I’d be on a Boat (again)

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 3:45 am by zalis116

And here’s another re-release of an older episode for your viewing pleasure. After stocking up on supplies in episode 25, it’s off to Karen’s impossibly fabulous resort island for some fishing, relaxation, shipteasing, and of course, a little battle with whichever Nightmare minion that the tide dragged in.

Torrent [CRC=1931724A] || Aesir .mkv to PCSS patch
(As with the previous episode, this patch will not work with Aesir’s .mp4 release, because you can’t exactly make a multi-track softsubbed .mkv out of a 100% hardsubbed .mp4.)

And coincidentally enough, this Friday, I’m off to my family’s lake cabins 6.5 hours away for some boating, swimming, and other related activities.


  1. Ivanhobe said,

    Thanks a lot for your efforts working on this show, this is actually one of my favorite episodes, if only because of KomachiXNuts.

    Wait, what?

  2. CybeastGregarX said,

    Just out of curiosity when you completely finish this series are you gonna release it as one whole batch?

    • Force Gaia said,

      Yes, we’ve got a few fixes to make, as well as a final check to make sure we were consistent in names and the like

      • CybeastGregarX said,

        I see, also I haven’t seen these subs yet but do you still call it Pretty Cure or changed it to Precure?

      • zalis116 said,

        Technically, for this episode, we changed Precure -> Pretty Cure, since they’re based on Aesir’s subs. But as Arienai and Eggplant did, we’ve used “Pretty Cure” throughout the series.

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