September 5, 2012

YPC5 25 – Supermarket Showdown

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 7:15 pm by zalis116

Could you say no to those faces?

Well, I know this wasn’t the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 episode you were looking for, but it’s a release nonetheless. As we do not currently have new DVD encodes for eps 01-26, I will be putting out remuxes of Aesir’s releases of episodes 21-26 for the time being. In respect to Magenta and LobsterHime’s work, I have left the original, untouched Aesir subs intact as the third subtitle stream.

Tracks 1 and 2 are Aesir’s subs retimed and restyled to PCSS/Arienai fonts/colors/karaoke, with changes for consistency in terminology and attack/transformation phrases, as well as other minor edits. Lines like “Kowainaa!” and standalone -coco/-nuts/-mil have been deleted.

Force Gaia:
In this Episode:
Nightmare wonders what went wrong, Karen’s definition of small is challenged, more puppy-dog eyes than I’ve ever seen in a single anime episode before, and Dream gets a power boost.

Please note that the patch will only work for the Aesir mkv softsub. If you have the Aesir mp4 hardsub, you will need to download the full file

Torrent [CRC=55DD7883] || Aesir to PCSS patch

[Precure]AllStars IRC Bot List on

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