September 2, 2012

An Update

Posted in News/Update, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 6:02 pm by Force Gaia

Just an update regarding the last two yes Pretty Cure 5 episodes

48 is translated, but has been stalled at me awaiting timing as i’ve been packing and moving. But now I’m pretty much sorted in my new place, that is on my agenda tomorrow.
49 is at QC

Our plan after 49 is to re-sub the earlier eps to bring them up to standard with our other subs in terms of wording, style and softsubbing; that will be done before we even consider making a decision about doing our own verison of GoGo as we still have people asking about it despite Doremi already doing it.


  1. thnks Force Gaia. Also I hate moving…it’s one of the worst things ever!

  2. I have a suggestion w/ YP5GG. Start w/ the later episodes such as 40-48.

    • zalis116 said,

      There’s no point in “vulturing” that series when Doremi-Anon are still making reasonable progress on it. YPC5 was different, as Aesir had been stalled for awhile and then announced that they were dropping the project, quitting fansubbing, etc.

  3. CybeastGregarX said,

    Doremi sucks and I would rather watch your subs any day.

  4. Seimoru said,

    Doremi sucks is a bit harsh to say, as they did significantly help out to get all precure series subbed. Although i admit the subs of PCSS look far more complete and well cared for. For the series they did ofc. Better styling, no naming inconsistancies/faults (watch Doremi Suite precure subs and count how many times they switch Ellen/Eren just to name a big example.)
    To each group its own style i guess.

    • zalis116 said,

      Indeed, though I could point out flaws in Doremi’s subs, they’re mostly made up by their speed and reliability compared to me. It’s easier to have near-flawless releases when release speed is measured in weeks rather than hours.

  5. lcslouis said,

    any eta on the last 2?

    • Force Gaia said,

      The answer i should give is “When they happen” as it’s a taboo to ask groups when something is coming.

      but seeing as Zalis has just sent me the scripts and chapters for 48, i’ll be muxing and releasing that sometime in the next 2 days while Zalis is away
      49 i’ll see what i can do

  6. Victoria Wilcox said,

    Doremi hasn’t been subbing Gogo. Maybe you guys can try and continue the project for them since they most likely had dropped it.

    • Force Gaia said,

      I’m not sure what the circumstances of doremi’s staff for GoGo are, but I’m saying this: If any of them are students – like myself – University and schools have just started again and they may be occupied with that.

      Alternatively my better answer is: When we had gaps people still had faith, now even though Doremi are normally fast, this isn’t a season that needs a speedsub like smile, and as they’ve not officially said said they’re dropping it – like aesir did as much for ypc5 when they closed temporarily and we took it up – I’m gonna say they’ve just hit a stall and to be patient. Heck, why not ask THEM rather than us; you have exactly the same channels open to you to talk to them as we do (IRC, LiveJournal and Commenting on their website)

      I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: we will only even consider talking about doing our own version of GoGo when we’ve subbed the ENTIRETY of YPC5, that means all of 1-49

      • Victoria Wilcox said,

        Oh okay. Sorry ^^ oh and when will 49 be released?

    • Force Gaia said,

      49: When i can find the motivation, uni is causing bureaucratic problems, and i really can’t be bothered at present. Hopefully it’ll be sorted by today and i might suddenly find that motivation

      As seriously all I need to do is watch the episode and re-word some of Zalis’ more awkward sounding or longer lines

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