August 13, 2012

YPC5 47 – The Return to Nightmare Stadium

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 3:53 am by zalis116

I guess it is part of the Pretty Cure formula that if the protagonists have an important item through much of the series, it’s going to get stolen at some point. And not willing to learn from their enemies’ mistakes, Pretty Cure resort to the “yell loudly and command the other side to return it” tactic. Fortunately for them, Kawarino is all too happy to oblige with a sparring match, leading to the least-dialogue-intensive episode of the series. And if I were them, I’d be thinking, “I’m in despair! Kawarino’s cheap power-reflection attacks have left me in despair!”

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  1. Seimoru said,

    Seems like the project is back on a roll again for those last few eps. Thank you for the release. 1 more down, 2 more to go.

  2. Moeteru said,

    So fast…
    Thanks a lot !!!

  3. Katt Mangini said,

    Thank you! Thank you! You are the best!!! ^-^

  4. Daniel said,

    Thank you so much! Does anyone know if Yes Pretty Cure 5 subbed episodes 26+ have been uploaded to any online viewing sites (YourUpload, Sapo, etc)? I don’t know how to work with torrents, honestly, but I’m dying to see the rest of the series 😦

  5. Cure_Cactus said,

    yay! that was fast! thanks again for all the hard work you guys are putting in! 2 more to go 😀

  6. Carmen said,

    2 more to go!

  7. nozomi-chan said,

    2 more and youll break the pretty cure curse!!! you should be very proud of yourself 😀

  8. Carmen said,

    will you guys do go-go next?

    • Apothesis said,

      That’s been answered here: About Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go!. The short answer is maybe and you really should search for the answers before asking.

    • nozomi-chan said,

      sadly they wont but doremi-fansubs are already doing gogo look at their website
      hey after you finish the season you could do the movie because i watched it in very bad subbing quality and id like to know what they really said

      • Force Gaia said,

        don’t speak for us, we never said that we wouldn’t

      • Force Gaia said,

        if you’re talking about the YPC5 movie: that’s in the works, and will be PCSS’ first Hi10p Hd release (SD will be 8-bit still)
        If you’re talking about the Go Go movie, that all depends on fi we do go go

    • Force Gaia said,

      We aren’t sure, we know that doremi is doing it, and we discussing whether we continue into gogo ourselves with our TL style, typesetting and kara.
      but we’ll only start after we’ve done ALL of YPC5, if we decide to do it

  9. lcslouis said,

    so what is the current status of the remaining eps?

    • Force Gaia said,

      48 is TL’ed but not timed
      49 is timed, and I’m not sure about TL
      48 is only stalled at me because i had things to do again, then Guild wars 2 happened. I’ll take a break from GW2 tomorrow and should get it done (providing nothing else happens)

  10. jitsch said,

    I nearly missed this because somehow I overlooked your announcement in the precure community XD
    Keep up the good work.

    I’ve only recently watched the first three episodes of GoGo subbed by Doremi and the anonymous scripter (at least I think so… I didn’t find any credits in the video but it’s the same Opening translation as in the later Doremi episodes) and, well, there are quite many lines where the translator must have been guessing (and guessing wrong, at that) what was said. So I’d appreciate if you did it again, since your translations are usually accurate.

    • zalis116 said,

      If you mean GoGo eps 1-3, those were only translated by CureCom, but remuxed onto 720p TV raws by DmonHiro with Doremi’s styling and probably OP/ED as well. And IIRC some CureCom staff have admitted that those translations were lacking. Doremi-Anon’s work started at ep 08.

      • jitsch said,

        Ah, okay. Since I didn’t find any credits I looked at the opening and saw that it was the same style and translation as in Doremi-Anon’s subs so I guessed that there were the same people behind it.

        I already watched episode 4 and the translations (CureCom again, but different style) were more accurate.

  11. lucia-chan said,

    hey maybe later you could sub mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch pure episodes 65-90 because there are no subs of this anime pls i really want to watch it its such a great anime but there are no subs of this anywhere… please if you can pls sub this anime because this anime is not subbed from 2006 and i really want to watch it

    • zalis116 said,

      As you may know, that’s being worked on (if slowly) by the fine folks at Wasurenai/Licca, and there’s no indication that they’re planning on dropping it. So no, I won’t work on it. If you can’t wait for WSRN-Licca, check YouTube; there are some “barely good enough to understand what’s going on” subs for later episodes.

      • lucia-chan said,

        thanks i just saw that they are working on it by myself and i checked youtube the only subs that are barely good enough to understand are out of service the subber closed its youtube account and only subs i find are sweddish im trying to watch it even through i dont understand a thing in swedish but still thanks maybe i can watch these with the help of mmppp wiki…

  12. Crush-Zombie said,

    Many, many thank-yous! Just two more, right? I’m sending all my good vibes~~

  13. smilepc said,

    I’m so happy that this is almost done! 🙂 But it leaves me wondering what this group will be doing once YPC5 is complete… :/

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