August 13, 2012

ErrorWatch – The Yes5 Edition

Posted in News/Update, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 1:10 am by zalis116

As we draw ever closer to finally having this series completely (“officially”) subbed, we will be looking back on some earlier episodes to do some corrections and updates in the form of v2s. To that end, I’d like to request the help of all you eagle-eyed viewers out there to point out any errors or inconsistencies you may have seen. Some issues that are already known, and will be corrected are:

27 – adding a “plain” alternate subtitle track
39 – fix some TL errors caused by over-interpretation
45 – mis-identification in a transformation sequence
46 – two lines not positioned correctly in OP

Be aware that I am in the “liberal” subtitling camp, so I’m not above re-ordering/re-writing things to sound better in English, or occasionally using non-standard grammar for effect. But if you’ve spotted other genuine errors in our Yes Pretty Cure 5 releases (typos, grammar/usage mistakes, excessively vague/wrong translations, karaoke/formatting issues, timing gaffes, inconsistency between episodes on repeated lines, etc.), please post them so we can get them fixed before releasing the final-final batches.

Force Gaia: I will be going over them myself to make up for my error in 45, but if anyone can help it’s appreciated as a fresh set of eyes is always good.

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