August 10, 2012

YPC5 45 – Christmas in August

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Note: We are aware of Komachi’s accidental identity crisis. No need to point it out again, it will be fixed later. Force Gaia is rather embarrassed he missed it.

And now, back to the skipped episode 45.  This script had one of the highest line counts among the episodes we’ve released, probably because there’s a lot of talking about feelings and romance and stuff. Or because Force_Gaia and I held various comment/note discussions about relevant and irrelevant subjects. Anyway, the Pinkies are almost all collected, Bloody makes a valiant effort to defeat Pretty Cure, and everyone’s favorite underling Bunbee grows increasingly worried about his future with the company.

Torrent [CRC=1FAF7F73]

[Precure]AllStars IRC Bot List on

And what can I say, longer subbing gaps have existed for longer periods of time on at least one other Pretty Cure series…

Force Gaia: Before any smart-ass tries it, at 06:48 the line says “another think coming” Zalis referred me to this link, stating it to be correct. Although i agreed, i changed it to the common “another thing coming” due to changes in language over time, however it was changed back for the final version as it seems Zalis is not going to be moved on this. You have been warned should you comment about this ‘correcting’ us.


  1. Seimoru said,

    I don’t mind the breaks, you are only people also after all, and real life can also be a bitch at times. As long as there is still some work going on, you get to the end of it sometime.

    I thank you for your efforts, and good luck with the final few eps. Also with updating the eps from other groups to your standards, if you still plan on doing so like mentioned in some discussion before.

  2. nozomi-chan said,

    now all thats left is eps 47-49 and you finally did it!!! arent you happy to be able to remove the pretty cure curse 😀

  3. Moeteru said,

    Thanks a lot !!!

  4. Katt Mangini said,


  5. Cure_Cactus said,

    at 11:57 Komachi says she’s cure lemonade in the subs during the transformation sequence 😛 besides that, great job! I’m so thankful such quality subbers are subbing one of my favorite shows!

    • Ivanhobe said,

      I just watched the episode and noticed that too…

  6. Ted said,

    Go for it! You can do it! BELIEVE IN ME WHO BELIEVES IN YOU!!!

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