June 10, 2012

Fresh Pretty Cure Completely Subbed!

Posted in Off-Topic at 7:07 pm by zalis116

FPC image

It’s a little late in posting, but I wanted to give a shout-out of congratulations to the folks at CureCom, who on 6-6-12 released the final episode of Fresh Pretty Cure. The project began on February 7th 2009, endured several skips and stalls, and featured contributions from numerous individuals. CureCom’s completion of FPC makes it the first “back-catalogue” (non-currently-airing) Pretty Cure series to be completely subbed since I finished Splash Star in July 2010. At one point I had hoped to finish Yes Pretty Cure 5 before they finished Fresh, but I knew it would be an uphill battle against a lot of subbing work that had already been done on the last FPC episodes.

And even if the subs weren’t as perfect as Miki Aono (few things are, after all), they have certainly been solid enough to make the show enjoyable through the 36 episodes I’ve seen so far. So once again, hats off to the CureCom crew, and good luck in your future endeavors, whether those be the DVD versions of Fresh or any other projects. After all, who knows what lies beyond Smile… “Fainaru Purikyua,” perhaps?

Force Gaia’s word on this:

Fresh was the first season I looked at which wasn’t complete and I was a little disappointed to find that less than 5 of the first episodes had been subbed as I’d loved what I’d watched. But in the 2-and-a-bit years I’ve been in the community I’ve seen the project grow and grow, enjoying every moment of it. So I’ve respect for those guys, and in a way I think it was their efforts that inspired me to ask Zalis if he had any plans of doing YPC5 and offering my assistance in the first place.

If you REALLY want something that won’t be unheard, try watching Seikon no Qwaser. You’ll never look at Nozomi the same way again once you find out Sasha’s Seiyuu. Eri Kitamura on the other hand has done a fair few more shocking roles, and will remain my favorite seiyuu ever (I actually almost mistook the little girl for Miu from Papakiki)

Now after i finish this arc of Quaser, i’m going to watch the last 3 episodes of fresh in one sitting. Only then i might get back onto our own series after a number of real-life issues decided they were going to beat on me one after another.


  1. williukea said,

    fresh was my first pretty cure season i watched too i saw almost every subbed episode except for last 7 i watched raws in the end but i still love it now im waiting for doremi to finish gogo subs (oh its a long wait but ill skip it as soon as i get to the next song and learn it (last ver of ganbalance de dance) then ill watch fresh again and this time ill write the lyrics to my notebook (like all japanese subbed animes) and write song to my phone (like i do with every japanese magical girl anime i watch) and later heartcatch and suite and smile… i hope gogo will be finished before smile but who cares 😀 ill wait for smile and gogo together

  2. CrimsonDX said,

    Congrats 😀

    Once a batch torrent is up I will definitely be watching this.

    • CrimsonDX said,

      Wait, I’m an idiot (goes to post my gratz over on CureComs site)

    • noodle said,

      Yea! i cant even wait !!!!

  3. Cierroth said,

    I miss news of Yes! Pretty Cure 5… just more four episodes… to the end!! please – you are the ONLY ONE FANSUB I know that is doing the sub of this serie…!


    • /a/non said,

      A translator in 4chan’s anime board completed the rest of episodes. I’m going to wait for a month and if there is no episodes on this site by then I’ll watch what he translated instead.

      • cierroth said,

        Thanks for the reply 8D – I’ve been waiting this so much that I downloaded raw episodes (including the next season – Yes Pretty Cure 5 Go Go) so see the continuation!

        I’ll be looking forward for the subbed epiodes 8P

        and, if you desire any episode of the Yes! PreCure 5 Go Go, I can upload the torrent, or the episodes I have to you. 8D

    • nozomi-chan said,

      doremi-fansubs wrote they will complete soon the yes pretty cure 5 episodes 45-49 and then y5 will be finally complete!!!

      • Force Gaia said,

        i’ve told Ladholyman that we’re back so i assume they’re not any more

  4. noodle said,

    You guys are so awesome for doing this, don’t give up!

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