May 26, 2012

A quick semi-personal post

Posted in Off-Topic at 5:23 pm by Force Gaia

Today I was in London at the MCM expo.

Normally I’d never imagine to see anything Pretty Cure related in the United Kingdom, as we literally only got the Canadian dub over here in September 2010, but it was on a subcription-only young girls channel so it pretty much slipped under the radar to magical girl anime fans over here.

Now as anyone who has gone to an expo or convention would know, cosplayers are just part of the experience, but never did i expect to find cosplays of Cure Melody and Cure Peace at a UK Expo. I was even told by one of them that many more Pretty Cure cosplayers were going to the event tomorrow (sunday 27th) which I’ll not be attending.

I did point them in the direction of this site, and if they’re reading this: Welcome to the home of everything Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Pretty Cure Splash Star. The dude you spoke to is indeed the guy who Times and Quality Checks the YPC5 we do, and I hope you join the larger community on livejournal. I’m known as the_code_monkey on Livejounal, TotalCodemonkey on Youtube, and Force Gaia pretty much everywhere else I appear on the internet.

Here’s a link to the precure community on livejournal for anyone (cosplayer or not) who wishes to join, as I’ve noticed in some of the comments that we’ve received that they’re coming straight to us (which we’ve got no objection to though) but they may not be aware of the community on livejournal that may interest them

there has been a link to this in the sidebar since forever though

Anyway, again welcome to anyone who wishes to join the larger community based on Livejournal!


  1. DaidojiTomo said,

    i m sorry to bother you but i cant find episodes of yes pretty cure 5 (episode 45 onwards). i just wanted to ask if you have really subbed them or not.

    • Force Gaia said,

      If you look on our site you will see that the release posts stop at 44. That means we’ve not done any since.
      I’ve been busy, not sure about Zalis. We’ve not given up, we’re just taking our time.
      The “Fresh Pretty Cure Completely Subbed!” post was us giving props to Curecom.

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