May 19, 2012

YPC5 43 – The Ministry of Silly Faces

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 6:49 am by Force Gaia

Monty Python has Silly Walks, Pretty Cure has Silly Faces

Literally everyone seems so make a silly or weird face at some point this episode, Komachi especially, but this one of Urara’s is the best of the episode in my opinion.

I think I have a new favourite episode in the entirety of Pretty Cure-dom. When there isn’t character development, there’s comedy, when there isn’t comedy there’s fighting, and when there’s no fighting, Milk is getting what she deserves.

In this episode:
Komachi gets flustered, Hadenya trolls Bunbee, foreshadowing occurs in the form of a Pinky, Milk facepalms, Hadenya hangs a lampshade, Zalis slips almost every video game reference he can into the script, Komachi goes Thunder-fire dragon-slayer, and there may be a position opening at nightmare soon.

Zalis: Indeed, I had fun with this episode as well. Perhaps a little too much fun, as some lines will show. I’m not sure what my all-time favorite Pretty Cure episode is. Setting aside series-end and midpoint climaxes, I’m partial to ep 12 of Suite because of the absurd yet hilarious over-the-top fight against the monster-truck Negatone.

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  1. Moeteru said,

    Arigato !!!

  2. Jecka said,

    Domo arigatou! ^^

  3. akuma2002 said,

    Ah, you’re back to business, thanks guys 🙂

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