April 28, 2012

YPC5 42 – The War of the Roses

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 2:31 am by Force Gaia

Karen and Rin

What makes you so happy girls? What's that face for? Is something happening to you that we can't see?

Apart from the character development, all I could see in this episode was innuendo.

Zalis did most of this without me, i just gave it the once over, but at least it means we’re still releasing while I’m busy.

In this episode:

Komachi drops another hint, Karen and Rin get along, Hadenya gets another back-rub, Bunbee looks up some skirts, and Rouge’s fire seems to have trouble burning through a dead leaf.

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  1. /a/non said,

    7 episodes left. I’m impressed.

  2. anonymous said,

    Thanks for more subs! I’very been really happy with the amount of subs lately, with all those gogo ones coming out so quickly. Keep it up!

    • anonymous said,

      Whoops! My autocorrect was acting up. It should be I’ve not I’very.

  3. Flossifer said,

    Posted by SUPER PRECURE, Today 11:41
    Thanks alot!!xD
    God bless u! ^_^

    (forwarded from AnimeTosho)

  4. Tack Angel said,

    color me pleasantly surprised! Looking forward to more.

  5. thnaks again force gaia. I hope things get better for you soon. Now I just need to quit being lazy and write more episode summaries on the wiki

  6. Moeteru said,

    So fast !!!
    Thank you very much !!!

  7. Vitor said,

    Force Gaia, i’m an administrator of an portuguese fansub and I would like to know if you could send me the raws of Yes! Pretty Cure 5. If you have them in good quality, please contact me through this email:


    It would be a great help of yours if you could help me with this because there are fans of Pretty Cure in Portugal and I’m trying to bring Yes! Pretty Cure 5 in good quality for them to see it. Please, if you could help, send me an email 🙂
    I’m waiting for your answer 🙂

    Thank you for your availability,
    Vitor, administrator of SCA Fansubber

    • nozomi-chan said,

      wow i wish i could translate episodes to my language but i dont really know how and i believe there are many kids in my country (lithuania) who never heard of pretty cure so my dream is one day learn very good japanese and to work with computer (i dont know how to translate a video yet) and translate anime and not anime to everyone in my country because when in one forum i created sailor moon fan club there was a lot of people who joined but nobody wanted to be bad guys so one day i will translate all pretty cure episodes in lithuanian and created pretty cure fan club…

      p.s. thanks for subbing all episodes minna i want to finish this soon cant wait till you finish subbing everythink

  8. Elga Nelly said,

    Thanks for this lovely season!

  9. nozomi-chan said,

    when os the final 7 episodes coming i cant wait for them

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