April 22, 2012

YPC5 41 – Not an April Fool

Posted in News/Update, Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 7:56 pm by Force Gaia

This line was actually in the script before I edited it out for a more realistic one, it doesn’t change that it was pure brilliance though.

You’ve got to admit that April Fools joke was brilliant right? StarSoldier2009 on LJ seemed to think so.

But joking aside, this is actually a rather good episode:

Komachi stops writing, Nightmare re-organises its personnel, Nozomi plays director, Urara turns down a feast, Bloody enters the fray again, and Nuts seems to have a cold.

The one part of the joke that was true however is that I have a crap-ton of work to do, it comes part and parcel of being a university student. The hand in for them all is the 5th May so I won’t be touching YPC5 until after then, although Zalis should be prepping things in the background ready for my return so we can get moving again then.

Zalis: Indeed, the above picture is a good example of ForceGaia keeping my more outlandish subbing liberties in check. I guess I should’ve saved that line for when they were actually transforming.
Also ongoing in the background are preparations to re-release earlier episodes. If anyone’s interested in helping to transcribe a few episodes of Arienai’s subs, let me know. All that remains are eps 14-19.


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  1. Kuromii said,

    You people are so deliciously sexy and beautiful, I love you ♥

  2. Moeteru said,

    Aligato !!!
    When did the 42 will be availible ???

    • Force Gaia said,

      There are words for people like you. And all of them can’t be said in polite company.
      We’ve just got 41 out the door, i said i’m busy, so go find some patience, it’ll serve you well in life.

      • Moeteru said,


    • that wasn’t very nice how about this: “It’ll be out when it’s out and not anytime before!”. Asking a fansubber when his work will be finished is a very rude thing to do. Also they may jsut not do it to spite you…

  3. JUst my origanl comment: Again it’s a coin flip as to if Fresh or Yes 5 will be done first. Curecom has no hints lately…

    Also thanks for another episode Force Gaia…I hope you can halp me and misa with more wiki issues soon…

    • Force Gaia said,

      I hope i can too, literally in the week after i said i’d help uni started the workload, this semester has been non-stop
      I finish on the 5th so in between subbing this and catching up and a backlog of gaming, i’ll help sift though the pics on the wiki

      strange you should mention curecom, i heard strange dealings in IRC last night, it was like they were discussing traslations, so we may be surprised

  4. I would be willing to help transcribe the subs of Arienai’s episodes if that’s what you meant. I downloaded them all intending to transcribe the subs.

    Looks like there’s only 5 left to go. I could make some subtitle files and send them to you. Do you have any preferences on formatting?

    • Force Gaia said,

      we don’t need them timed or styled.
      All we really need is the words from each line (bar the OP and ED) written into a file, ass or txt preferred (as we can load them directly into aegisub) and we’ll do the rest
      we have the styles and fonts pre-set.
      He meant inclusive of 14 and 19, so 6 episodes.

    • zalis116 said,

      Force Gaia’s right that we don’t need the timing or styling, but that’s because we already have them thanks to some Spanish subs. I’ve made up “transcription template” versions of those scripts that can be found here. There are some more detailed instructions in the script for 14, but basically, all you need to do is load up the Arienai .mp4 (either 720p or 360p) in Aegisub, go to the blank lines, and start typing. If you’re able to do this, thanks for the help — I promise you eternal glory in (softsubbed) in-video credits.

      • I downloaded the templates, and am working on it right now. I will upload it for you when I’m done, which should be later this afternoon. Just think of this as my thanks for all you’ve gotten done on this series. ^^

    • zalis116 said,

      Great, I’ll be looking forward to them. If you have any questions, I’ll be on IRC for awhile catching up on Fresh downloads. You can e-mail completed scripts to prettycuresplashsubs at yah00 d0t com.

  5. It’s hard to appreciate the work that goes into subtitling anime until you try working with subtitles. I only got episode 14 transcribed today, but I had fun working on this. That’s the first time I did that, so hopefully I’ll get more done tomorrow.

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