March 15, 2012

About Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go!

Posted in General, News/Update at 7:32 am by Force Gaia

Ok, Yet another FAQ…

Are we doing Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go! after we finish YPC5?

Answer: Too soon to say, as we’d rather re-sub the older episodes of YPC5 than immediately move on to the next season, as we see that as priority. We know DVD raws exist for GoGo and we get the feeling Curecom will be continuing with it once we’re done. We will help, maybe as a joint, if whoever does it would like to work with us. But if nobody ends up doing it, we’ll decide then and no earlier.

But all in all, it’s too early to say.

But I wouldn’t have to say this if folks bothered going though comments on other posts, so if you have any more questions, LOOK ON OTHER POSTS FIRST to see if it has already been answered.


  1. Tack Angel said,

    Seeing as Fresh and Yes 5 are about to be finished roughly at the same time. A Team up to get 5GoGo done faster would be fantastic. But that’s just 1 watcher’s opinion.

  2. curecom did 1-7 so I’m good when you finish. I’ve been saving those

    • Force Gaia said,

      Sorry I’ve not been helping on the wiki recently, it’s assignment time for me and it’s a wonder i got the newest episode out in the middle of my university work

  3. Ex said,

    Please do help out CureCom as much as possible. Their subs are worse than death itself.

    • Force Gaia said,

      When you start subbing yourself, then you can complain. Me and Zalis are friends with the guys at Curecom, and we find their subs acceptable, and if they make a fuckup they’ll fix it promptly.

      Look at SubDesu, CoalGuys or Horriblesubs if you need reminding that there are ACTUAL abominations out there

      • Ex said,

        The presence of greater evil does not excuse lesser evils. When you can spot fallacies for yourself, then you can defend CureCom.

      • zalis116 said,

        SubDESU: Yes, they are crap, and not only do they sub poorly, they like to distort the anime itself via upscales and changing 4:3 content to 16:9.

        CoalGuys: If you’re in the mood to laugh, their subs are pretty entertaining. That was my experience with their B Gata H Kei and gg’s Baka&Test (TLed by the Coalguys translator), though their trolling isn’t so amusing with more serious shows like Toradora.

        HorribleSubs: I can’t criticize them too much considering they’re just rips, not fansubs. And generally, the official subs they rip are accurate, edited into decent English, and have relatively few technical errors. They just lack OP/ED translations, fine timing, and advanced styling/typesetting.

    • Force Gaia said,

      I really don’t want to get into an argument with someone who doesn’t know what goes on behind the scenes, nor does he state why “Their subs are worse than death itself”

      The fact remains that they follow good practice, their subs are solid, and they fix their mistakes

    • Elizara said,

      Do you ever sub or translate? I respect those that sub(*bows to ForceGaia*), the only fault I know of with CureCom is they are slow (and that’s due to some rl issues.)

      To begin with, translation is not a exact science. I could tell that long ago. It’s a ART. It can be ugly or pretty, depending on your opinion.

      Not to mention what goes into a fansub itself.

      Curecom itself does decent subs from my experience; they don’t bullshit about translations, they fix their mistakes when they goof up. So what if they’re slow? RL is RL and they can’t solve that. They do it for the love, not just so you can have your sub NOWZ.

    • neildkor said,

      If you are referring to our subs in general, well, see the other comments.

      However, I can agree that the GoGo subs (as have been pointed out by a few people) are… lacking. Scripts were provided by some well-meaning folks from the LJ community, and they were much appreciated. If we do get a chance to focus on the series then we can have the regular TL team look at them, for consistency as well.

      In any case there will probably be a complete re-release of GoGo, either from us or PCSS.

    • zalis116 said,

      I have not seen CureCom’s subs of Yes5GoGo. From the 16 eps of Fresh that I’ve seen so far, I would say that their subs are generally good, if not always great. Certainly far from “worse than death itself.” There are some mistranslations/mishears, some things I’d edit differently, and some localization decisions I don’t agree with, e.g. changing “Yamabuki-san” to “Inori.”

      Should they ever continue with the DVD releases, I would volunteer to assist with TLC/editing.

  4. Anni said,

    i wouldnt resub old episodes, better team up with CC and make GoGo, because this season is just so awesome and deserves a sub! =) great work guys btw, keep it up

  5. I don’t really mind the fact that you plan on redoing the beginning of Yes! Precure 5 ^^ (In fact, i think it’s better this way), but it’s good to have a definitive answer about Go Go =3

    (i’m sorry about grammar errors, i’m not a native english speaker =D)

  6. anonymous said,

    Well, thanks for answering this question because i’m sure many people have been asking. It seems like right now, since fresh and Yes5 are almost done (keep up the work :D), many are wondering what comes next.

    As much as I would love to see gogo, I agree with resubbing. Hard subs kind of get in the way sometimes and you can’t change the font size or style. Just take your time, waiting will probably be better for me since with nothing to do on the comp, I’ll probably be more motivated to do something else.

  7. Hoshikuzu said,

    I did give CureCom a script to episode 08 from a TL we had a couple months ago…

  8. Icing said,

    Glad to see you are planning on redoing the earlier episodes. While you be doing .avi or .mp4 versions of the episodes as well?

  9. Jason said,

    Glad to see you’re planning on redoing earlier episodes. Will you be doing .avi or .mp4 encodes as well?

    • zalis116 said,

      Nope, we won’t be doing any .avi or .mp4 encodes. In fact, we don’t do any encoding here ourselves — we just take the encodes provided for us and add subtitles to them. If you need .avi/.mp4 for hardware devices or whatever, I suggest sticking with Arienai/Eggplant for 1-24 and converting later episodes yourself.

  10. PC94 said,

    your too late doremi already doing it

    • Force Gaia said,

      Yes, we know that smartass, now check when this was written, and then check when doremi released their first ep.
      This was written when nobody was doing gogo, doremi did it after we wrote this

    • zalis116 said,

      Yes, we are aware of that. But there’s no rule that says we can’t work on something that someone else is doing or has done. You don’t see Chihiro and Anxious-Helium/Aesir dropping Smile just because “Doremi’s already doing it,” do you?

      And I’m still not ruling out doing something with GoGo, as I’d rather have something better than TV/396pXviD/avi/hardsub releases.(Sure, I watched them for HeartCatch and Suite, but I’d prefer DVD/480p/h264/mkv/softsub.)

  11. nozomi-chan said,

    i wish someone would faster sub gogo because i want to see all the seasons in a row (starting with futari wa pretty cure and finishing with smile) but because gogo are not being subbed and just stopped on episode 16 its not able for me i wish that someone would at least sub the episodes like there that only less than 10 are left then i can watch raws because all the main heroes and enemies are presented i know everything so i can finish just with raws but watching from episode 17 raws is kinda hard… especially with the songs because its hard to sing (what i love to do in japanese) them without lyrics when you never saw them (and where else can you get all the lyrics if not by watching) so then i can start other seasons and for curecom they did a good job subbing fresh (by mistake of one anime site this is the first season i saw because they said it was the first season and then i couldnt find anywhere to watch S1) but by subbing gogo… i didnt liked what they did with the openings that they removed japanese lyrics and left only english (id better have only japanese than only english) and doremi fansubs are doing good just that they removed the end of the sentences of everyone i want to know what that queen is saying i think its bava but not sure she talks too fast so its hard to understand

    • zalis116 said,

      Well, I kind of doubt I’d be able to translate GoGo any faster than Doremi-anon are doing it. And considering that more GoGo eps have come out in the last 2 months than the last 2 years, I think they’re going plenty fast. If you’ve already seen Fresh, just skip ahead to Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile. It’s not like you’ll miss anything since all the seasons are standalone.

      • Force Gaia said,

        although if he doesn’t watch smile he’s not missing much

      • nozomi-chan said,

        well i dont want to move to another season before i finish this one because of the songs i write the every song of every japanese anime i watch into my phone (because there is nowhere to download it straight) and i write songs only when they appears in anime and it helps me learn faster these songs i also write the lyrics to my notes (both english and japanese) so when i saw fresh and later knew it was not the first season i didnt wrote any lyrics to notes nor any songs to phone and after this im planing to rewatch fresh and to write all the songs to my phone and lyrics to my notes and ill do it after i learn 2nd ending of gogo (considering that this is the 3rd ganbalance de dance version and that i listened this song before few times and that the first songs i learned pretty quick i think ill learn it fast then ill move again to fresh

    • Force Gaia said,

      Can you please learn to use punctuation and line breaks, your comments are god-awful to read.

      We cannot help it if you want to watch them in order, even if there is nothing to gain from doing so.

      We will do what we want, and as Zalis said there is a sub of Gogo being done, and if we do anything to GoGo at all, it will be AFTER we finish with YPC5 and not before. Plus, as Zalis said as well, we’d probably not release them as fast.

      so to summarise: Learn English grammar, stop being selfish

  12. cindy said,

    can you please, please subbed precure 5 gogo like now. because it’s so good and really like this season.

    • Force Gaia said,

      You do realise that we said we’d not decide anything concrete until we finished YPC5? and that Doremi is also doing a sub of GoGo at the moment? (although neither me or zalis are 100% pleased with the method they’re using for it)

  13. cure red said,

    maybe you should do the movie after you finish the season because when i watched the movies there were no coconuts duo nor in yes movie nor in gogo movie and i really wanted to see this and as i heard the reports of the movie the translation was lets say not so good and i bet you would do much better job subbing the movie

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