March 14, 2012

YPC5 40 – On The Home Straight

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 4:44 am by Force Gaia

Yes 5 having lunch

Wow has it really been 13 episodes since we picked this up?

Only 9 more episodes to go before every episode of this series is done, but that won’t be us done though as we’re planning on going back through the rest and softsubbing the old ones and bringing everything else into consistency. (Zalis: And probably doing something with the YPC5 movie as well.)

In this episode: Rin goes all nostalgic, Otaka acts suspiciously, Bunbee and Hadenya wonder what their boss actually looks like, a dog raids the girls locker room, and for once Milk speaks less than Komachi.

Just a reminder that there will be no more DDLs as CureGecko isn’t providing them any more, but that’s mostly due to the filelocker sites dying. If you can’t torrent, use XDCC on IRC to download, there is a post on how to do this already on the blog.

Torrent [CRC=C2D2E992]

[Precure]AllStars IRC Bot List on


  1. Moeteru said,

    Arigato !!!

  2. Ted said,

    Thanks very much! Not to sound ungrateful, but are you also planning to sub GoGo when this is done?

  3. HUZZA ! said,

    This is a conspiracy, both you and CureCom releasing episodes the same day…

    Thanks !

  4. Anima1over said,

    Rins face is so funny when she first sees the dog in the schools garden!!!

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