January 30, 2012

About YPC5 25 & 26

Posted in General, News/Update at 9:16 am by Force Gaia

Here’s another FAQ: Where are Yes Pretty Cure 5 episodes 25 and 26?

The answer: At Aesir Subs. They managed to get two new episodes out before they stopped YPC5 and we picked up where they left off in attempt to get more new stuff done.

So please, I’ve answered the 3 most commonly answered questions we’re asked, so can you please read them before you ask them again.


  1. Tom said,

    I do not know what torrents,mediafire and all those sort of files are and I dont trust them. I live in Australia so I dont know if there is any restrictions either but I really want to finish this season and move onwards. I usually go on sites where they have the episodes and its like youtube but different please I would love it if you could put it on but if you guys are still busy working on episodes its fine.

    • zalis116 said,

      “I don’t know what torrents are”

      Does Australia block Wikipedia, Google, and every other search engine?

      Anyway, sorry to say, but no, we will not be uploading these videos to any streaming sites ourselves. See this post:


    • Force Gaia said,

      Just to re-enforce what Zalis said.

      you have GOT to be living under a rock if you’ve not heard of torrents.

      We don’t like streaming sites, and never will, plus they make our work look like shit so you’re better off following our instructions here: https://pcssubs.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/of-codecs-and-playback/

      If the file is ours it IS trustworthy, the ways we give them out are the only way you’re going to be able to watch them, and those are by downloading by Torrent or using XDCC with the bot on #precure@irc.rizon.net.
      Instructions on how to torrent can be found using any search engine (that is if Australia doesn’t block them so you can’t look up terms you don’t understand), and instructions on how to use IRC and XDCC are here: https://pcssubs.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/ddls-may-die/

    • Ichigo69 said,

      Tom… You, sir, are a god.
      m(_ _)m

    • Elizara said,

      *puts hand on hips*

      OK, if you’re so nervous about d/ling stuff, make sure you got a good antivirus (Avast and MS Security Essentials are good free ones.) and SCAN THE FILE BEFORE YOU PLAY IT.

      I’ve been d/ling fansubs for 10-15 years, though, and have never gotten a virus from a fansub. Which means you shouldn’t be nagging for a stream; D/L the stupid file. You’re not likely to be catching no virus from it. (tho I won’t say it isn’t possible; just highly unlikely) The actual are better quality anyway than anything you can find on Youtube or similar sites.

  2. Tom said,

    Thankyou for replying and yes sometimes I do think that I live in a rock, but anyway I completely trust your website and I do have an antivirus.
    I’ll probably look up the terms later.
    Many regards,
    P.S Thankyou for doing this there are so many people ( you already know this ) that are looking for these episodes and now they can watch them ’cause of you guys.

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