January 23, 2012

DDLs may die

Posted in General, News/Update, Off-Topic at 3:34 pm by Force Gaia

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you must have heard that Megaupload has been shut by the feds, and other cyber-locker sites are closing or stopping filesharing.

as a result many, if not all our DDL links may become dead, so from now on all our posts will also include links to the #precure channel on irc.rzon.net and the packlist for the [Precure]AllStars IRC Bot

For those of you who don’t know what that means, I’ve created a video to help. (and before i get any idiots posting about it, The_Code_Monkey is the Alias I use on LJ and TotalCodeMonkey is my Youtube name)

As well as the video, my good friend Elizara has posted a text walkthrough on her website to help out: http://madavies.briggsphoto.biz/irchelp.html


  1. darkcat1 said,

    I sorta feel like the death of sites like these was invertible….

  2. Mertal said,

    Your still keeping Torrents right?

    • Elizara said,

      Yes they’re keeping torrents. This is for people that’s hit the direct d/ls for one reason or another.

      • Elizara said,

        Err, I meant that’d hit the direct d/ls. I’m tired and I’m typoing too much ><.

  3. turt said,

    IRC might be problematic as certain providers may block file transfer

    • Force Gaia said,

      pardon? i’ve never heard of an isp doing that. it’s more likely router settings doing that with port forwarding. but that will be the minority. we’ve no control over the DDLs, if the host refuses to share, we can’t use them, so IRC is there as an alternative.

    • Elizara said,

      The only thing I’ve seen blocked with IRC is actually hosting a fileserver. (That happened at West Georgia College). Even that is workable aroundable with enough stubborn/tech know how. I’ve never seen irc d/ls blocked, I have the feeling downloading CAN’T be blocked on irc.

      Ortherwise, see Force Gaia’s post for more techie info.

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