January 20, 2012

YPC5 38 – You shall go to the ball tonight

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 6:13 am by Force Gaia

"I beat people up in competition for half-price lunchboxes"

If you don’t understand the caption, go watch Ben-To (one of the better offerings from the anime season that just ended), then look up Yarizui’s seiyuu.

In this episode: Milk plagiarizes, Urara shows us her idea to transform without the Pinky catch, Karen stays in character, Bunbee tries the same thing Arachnea tried back in episode 16, and Nozomi wants the happy ending that she craves.

Torrent | DDL

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  1. darkcat1 said,

    ok more fractured fairy tales. Time to have fun ^^

    Also no more megaupload for the time being…

  2. latinanime said,

    i downloaded the episode but its raw, it doesnt have subs. :/

    • Force Gaia said,

      Do you really think we’d release raws? and if we had released a raw why would we have had loads of “thanks” back on livejournal?

      Why is there always one fuck-tard who can’t be bothered to read my idiot-proof posts….

      try checking your player settings, we have a dedicated post about how to play our stuff, just for idiots like you. and to help you along i’ll even post a link here for you, if clicking that isn’t too hard.

      try troubleshooting yourself before asking stupid questions, as i’ve got sick of people not setting their software correctly and saying we did wrong

      • latinanime said,

        one , i never blamed u for anything! i simply left the comment to get a response in order to use ehat u people have taken time out of ur daily routine for us to enjoy. i am completly grateful and aware of the million of thanks , i am completly new to this format of downloading anime so i am so sorry that i asked how to use it. ps: i am completly grateful that u are subbing this , but if ur frustrated because people keep asking how to use this , dont take it out on me because that was quite rude. if u want to reply go right ahead , if hitting the reply button isnt to hard for u. -_-

      • Force Gaia said,

        If you’re new to it i’ll forgive that then, but pretty much any fansub group as a “playback help” link somewhere, ours is on the right in the sidebar. the post is even still on the front page. however pretty much any fansub will run on the CCCP

        The general thing you do in ANY sort of computing problem is you do the reading before bothering people, i had written the post with the intention it be found and followed so i wasn’t asked again.

        But sorry about that, I’ve just got a little sick of being asked that question, and thus go off the deep end mainly because the people asking are those who use VLC and then wonder why it doesn’t work

      • latinanime said,

        its ok dont worry i completly understand , and now thank u for telling me so hopefully i never bother anyone now that i know 🙂

  3. Tohno said,

    Thanks a ton for subbing this, you guys rock!

  4. asdf said,

    no one is seeding 😦
    and dl doesn’t work 😥

    • Force Gaia said,

      the DDLs died when teh filelockers did, as for the torrent, it should still be seeded as our friends in the precure community help us with that, but even if it’s not I’ve got a solution for you.
      I’d recommend using XDCC for a reliable method, i made a video of it to help newbies, http://youtu.be/Of7x2oAokYM

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