December 5, 2011

YPC5 36 – How to get a Promotion at Nightmare

Posted in News/Update, Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 6:18 am by Force Gaia

Just like every villain in every episode before this one, genius.

The caption was either that or “No shit, Sherlock”

I bet you didn’t expect one this fast? Well as Zalis thought I was as out of action (I originally did too, but i found I’m not so much actually) so he did most of the work for this one himself behind the scenes while I was Qc’ing 35. (Zalis: Actually, I translated and timed it in the 12 hours after 35 was released.)

In this episode:

Nozomi complains, Karen acts the school council president for once, Nozomi complains some more, Rin collapses, and Gamao learns not to trust management the hard way. Oh, and the pretty robotic butterfly is used again.

Zalis: I’ve realized that Pretty Cure 5 aren’t just Magical Girl Warriors, they’re class warriors. And they’re engaged in class warfare against Nightmare, which is clearly a job creator. I mean, look how many employees are in those meeting rooms every episode, getting paid to do practically nothing! But no, Pretty Cure have to throw up all these job-killer regulations with all their talk of justice, fairness, and restitution for the Palmier Kingdom.

Nightmare even has a perfect way of dealing with unemployment and poor people: drive them to the breaking point until they go insane and get themselves taken out by law enforcement, or in this case, Pretty Cure.

Torrent [CRC=E4208953] || DDL


  1. Try not to bring politics into PC, Force, okay? =P

    Thanks though. =)

    • zalis116 said,

      The politics are entirely my doing, not Force Gaia’s. Please don’t take them too seriously…

      • Lol, don’t worry, I didn’t. But other people might. ^.^

  2. Epyon said,

    Thank you guys~ ^^

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