December 1, 2011

YPC5 35 – Key and Lock

Posted in News/Update, Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 5:45 am by Force Gaia

Any Shugo Chara! fans in the audience?

Sorry we took so long. As we explained: my university course started up again and I had to prioritise that and Zalis’ Convention staffing kept him busy. I’d also like to take this chance to mention that the next ep won’t be touched by me until I get my assignments done and handed in, so that may be Dec 18th or later, actually i should be able to fit some in as i’ve not got as much work as i expected, but during the winter break I will try and make up for lost time.

In this episode: Komachi actually has more than one line of dialogue at a time, Milk gets forcefully silenced for once, Coco premieres as a stalker, we finally see Mr. Bloody in “action”, and there’s something going on after hours in Natt’s House.

Torrent || DDL


  1. Thanks much! Appreciated!! And Winter Break sounds like something to look forward to. A happy Christmas indeed.

  2. curevanilla said,

    Yay!!! thanks sooooo much!!

  3. Chika said,

    If you guys need help I could probably send you a rough timing of YPC5 36 in about 2 hours…

    • Force Gaia said,

      not needed, i’m Qc’ing that right now (which implies it’s already been timed and TL’ed)

  4. Xvee said,

    Shugo Chara moment ftw 😀

  5. Epyon said,

    Shugo Chara fan here. XD Thank you for ep 35. :3

  6. Hop Step Jump said,

    Shugo Chara fan here

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