November 19, 2011

The formats of our releases

Posted in General, News/Update, Off-Topic at 8:39 pm by Force Gaia

First the good news, before i get really heavy, depressing and rather pissed:

Zalis mailed the script for 35 to me on Wednesday and I’m about to get onto QC’ing it

Now for an abrupt tone-shift:

I jsut want to make this as clear as i possibly can, as we’ve had at least three different people ask about it. To be honest, i can’t believe that I’m actually clarifying how we release as it’s really not hard to understand (plus zalis was doing it EXACTLY the same way while subbing splash), and it’s probable that it’s only a dozen or so ejits morons lesser-than-bright people who can’t get their head around it, but here I am in the hope it’ll stop the aforementioned people from asking stupid questions.

We will continue release as we are doing so currently:

  • Torrent (which Zalis starts then a few friends from the precure community help seed it)
  • Direct Download Link (DDL, provided to us by CureGecko, and on occasion by Elizara if she’s feeling generous and gives me one when she catches me on IRC)
  • Presence on the [PreCure]AllStars XDCC bot in (when Rika_chama notices there’s been a release and puts it on there)

Did anyone notice a method that wasn’t listed there?

Yes, the method I’m talking about is Streaming, and it’s not happening, EVER.

and by that i mean:


and by asking I mean even if you ask us were you can find one already up, and the answer is: we don’t know because they shouldn’t be there

In order to stream we’d need to re-encode the video, which we’re not going to do for the reason that zalis mentioned in a comment to one of said people:

No. We’re not re-encoding these to hardcode the subs or reduce the quality to shitty streaming levels. Google “bittorrent client” and “cccp”, download and install those programs.

Basically he’s saying that in order to be put onto a streaming site it’d need re-encoding into a hardsub, and it’s resolution reduced, which defeats the object of what we’re trying to do in terms of providing a DVD-quality softsub, he’s also referring to my other post about how to play our releases.

Another thing he refers to is a “Bittorrent Client” which you require if you want to download are releases using the Torrent method. (I recommend µTorrent)

If you can’t get your head around that, just use the DDL.

Regardless of which download method you choose you’ll still need to follow the playback instructions in the other post.
If you try and use the argument that your computer isn’t powerful enough: i call BS, as I’ve got a 1.6Ghz + 1GB netbook that will happily run 720p video using the CCCP (and the video in question was one of over-time’s Kamen Rider OOO softsubs), and i seriously doubt anyone is running anything much less than that these days. We aren’t doing HD res so if you have those specs you should be able to play then no problems.
If you try and use the lack-of-space argument, it’s only people with massive HDDs like me who can archive anime, most others DL, watch then delete, and if you haven’t got ~300MB of free space on your computer your OS shouldn’t be able to run. doing it that way really isn’t that different to streaming and you’re not limited to how many minutes you can watch a day, and you need not wait for buffering.

My main argument against streaming is what the streaming sites are actually doing: They are making profit though averts by showing our work, which we do and distribute for free, as the bait. We are doing this out of the good of our hearts, and people are making money off of that, and I feel sad that folks can’t be bothered to set up their computer correctly or seek out the groups directly. I did however do a jump for joy when megavideo died as that cuts off one host.


Zalis: I concur with what ForceGaia has said. As far as system requirements for playing these videos go… I (still) watch anime on a ~7-year-old 1-core P4 @ 3Ghz with 512 MB RAM via a ~16″ CRT @ 1024×768.  While it struggles with a lot of 720p videos, and 1080p is out of the question, it’s still more than enough to play low-res h264/.mkv releases like PCSS’ YPC5 and Splash Star files. Given that I use very simple karaoke effects and no complex typesetting (not that PC has walls of text anyway), the odds that you cannot play these files are quite slim.


  1. Heh. Well said. Hope this makes the ABUNDANTLY obvious things more…well, obvious…

    • Force Gaia said,

      trust me, both me and zalis were getting rather annoyed at them and after i got yet another one i thought time to stop this stupidity

      • They say that the only cure for stupidity is death…unfortunately.

        I’ve been wondering this for a while. I don’t exactly know how fansubbing groups work, cause I’m not part of the elite groups, or even part of horriblesubs for that matter (ha ha ha =P ) but, why don’t you and Aesir join forces so that you can broaden your anime works under a single tag, and get things done at a quicker pace?

        Just curious, and if this has been asked before, my bad.

    • Force Gaia said,

      we were thinking about it, but it probably won’t happen as magenta (Aesir’s TL) is very busy with KR fourze, and i don’t think lobsterhime (encoder) is doing anything with aesir any more

      • darkcat1 said,

        the way I understand it Magenta got burned out for abit and Lobster got mad. I really don’t think you could lure Magenta back to Pretty Cure…

      • that’s a shame, but I’m not gonna pass judgement cause I don’t understand the fullness of the situation.

        Kinda sucks though, cause it’d be cool if there’d be less fansubbing groups, but with more people, that way there’d be less chance of disbanding, and such things as the legendary “YPC5 Curse” would never be established.

        But again, this is just me spouting off stuff from the top of my head.

  2. Ex said,

    Feel free to start dishing out IP bans to streamtards. They deserve it, and nothing of value would be lost. Streaming is terrible and should be stigmatized as much as possible.

    Glad to hear you’ve got another ep in QC. Looking forward to it.

  3. Triltaison said,

    Love your work, and hope the news post quells some of the annoying banter.

    I did have a quick question, though… It seems nyaatorrents sort’ve disappeared for a bit, so I wondered if you had upped your torrents on any other site. I understand if not, but I was hoping to grab some lovely YPC5 and nyaa is making it a little hard. :/

    • B said,

      If torrents don’t work, I would go for direct download instead. CureCom’s main site has all the series subbed so far for direct download/torrent by going over their web page, hover on the “Series” tab, and then select any of the series.

    • Force Gaia said,

      Nyaa had some problems over the weekend it’s sorted now though.

      if it happens again, all our releases have multiupload links for DDL (which are mirrored on under the series tab) and are also on the XDCC bot in #precure.

      I usually prefer XDCC myself as it’s a lot faster than torrents normally

      • Triltaison said,

        Ah, okay. That’s good to know they didn’t just vanish.

        Thanks for the quick reply, also! And of course, keep up the good work.

  4. Shima said,

    Heh, that wasn’t heavy or depressing (thank goodness!)

    It was rather nicely pissed though! 😛

    • Force Gaia said,

      i covered all bases as there’s probably someone out there who will class it as one of the other two

  5. cagedraged said,

    First I would like to say keep up the good work. Second I would like to know if there is Yes Pretty Cure 5 – 25 and 26 to download? I see 1-24 and then 27+. If it’s out there somewhere could you please let me know. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    • zalis116 said,

      You’ll have to get 25 and 26 from Aesir-Subs for the time being. The eps should be on the AllStars bot in #precure on Rizon.

      • cagedraged said,


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