October 2, 2011

Of Codecs and Playback

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Recently we’ve had a few comments saying they can’t see the subs. (chalk up another one as of 22/01/12)

As we’ve had MANY people enjoy our subs with no problems, I can say for sure it’s a problem on their end, most likely with their playback software.

When fansubbing anime we have to encode our releases so that what you’re downloading isn’t all that massive, but that also means at the other end, you guys have to have the right stuff installed to play it back. What you need then is a codec pack.

Read on for info of how so get yourself ready to watch our releases.

For Windows:

The codec pack supported in the fansubbing community tends to be the “Combined Community Codec Pack” (or CCCP for short), there are also standalone players that have their own codecs but I’ll get to that in a bit.

The pack comes with a program called “Media Player Classic Home Cinema” (or MPC-HC for short) pre-configured to use the CCCP, all you’ll have to do is make sure you set it so that MPC-HC becomes the default player for all your media files when prompted in the codec setup

if you still experience problems seeing subs make sure the following are set in MPC-HC’s options:

Playback -> “auto-load subtitles” should be checked (Credit to Desbreko for correcting me here)

Stand alone players for windows:

There are a few other players that don’t require codec packs but they’re usually not as reliable due to not being as easily updated or just being not brilliant in general.

DO NOT USE VLC as it has problems with some embedded subtitles as well as throwing a hissy fit at anything that should be expected in an mkv file, such as ordered chapters referencing another media file.

For Mac

I don’t own a Mac so can’t help much here, but I’ve heard people use something called MplayerOSX Extended

Edit: I’ve seen this working now and it’s gold dust for mac owners as nothing works better on them in terms of video and it even supports Hi10p.

For Linux

I don’t use Linux, but apparently MPlayer2 works.

About Hi10p

If you flit about fansub groups like I do you may have heard of this thing called Hi10p or 10-bit h264. It’s a new codec that many groups are moving over to in some way or another (example: Doki is only using it for their 1080p blu-ray releases, while Over-Time and Æsir are using it for all their HD Kamen Rider Fourze releases)

It’s basically an improvement to 8-bit h264, allowing for a better picture quality while having a smaller file size, however, it’s not supported by everything yet. If you have the newest builds of CCCP or the K-lite mega pack you’re set for Hi10p as they support it.

Shoving a 10-bit video into a player that doesn’t support it may have differing effects. If it supports 8-bit, it may play it, but it will look sucky; while some players will just outright refuse it and/or crash.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to mention that PCSS will not be using Hi10p for the episodes, as what we’re doing doesn’t warrant it’s use, and K.o.R has already encoded the raws for us anyway.

However Desbreko has encoded some raws of the YPC5 Movie for us and the HD version of that is in Hi10p, so should we get around to doing that you’ll need to be set for Hi10p if you go HD (SD is standard 8-bit as far as i know)


  1. Desbreko said,

    >In FFDShow Video Decoder Configuration: subtitles should be checked

    I wouldn’t recommend using ffdshow for subtitles as it’s always been buggy whenever I’ve tried it. Or at least not with ASS subs.

    The most common reason I come across for people not getting subs when using the CCCP is that they’re on Win7 or Vista and it’s defaulted to using the EVR Custom video renderer in MPC-HC but the auto-load subtitles box in the playback options hasn’t been checked. By default, the CCCP won’t use VSFilter to render subs when the EVR Custom renderer is used, so that option has to be enabled for MPC-HC to use its own subtitle renderer instead.

    • Force Gaia said,

      thanks for the extra info

      the reason i threw that in there is because it’s how i fixed my bro not having subs for an episode of baka to test (the other eps were fine), but i’ll check that setting, thanks

  2. precures are my beloved said,

    yaaa,I can’t beilive that there are ppl still translate YPC5!!!!
    really can’t believe MY eyes.TTOTT.
    I thought that there is no one will complete it ever ever.TOT
    but But by chance I found your site.>v<
    I'm SO happy that u still translate it.^_^
    THANK YOU SO MUCH pcssubs.^\\\^

    • Force Gaia said,

      well if you like precure that much join the Livejournal community by clicking the link on the right. any new releases from us, curecom or Doremi are posted on there with download links, along with any news about the series and the groups subbing it (well the groups that actually care, as there are some groups that are just not present in the community due to not wanting to be a part of it)

      I know that you’re not part of it as otherwise you’d have known about us.

      but a minor note: despite how pleased you may be, that comment looks so bad the spam-filter caught it. so tone it down in future

  3. hi said,

    I recommend just downloading DivX, it is smart, has a built in codec and plays in HD and many formats even H.264

    • Force Gaia said,

      wel i don’t, i have a friend IRL and he has has many problems with DivX when playing fansubs

      We know our stuff works with what we’ve listed so leave it at that

  4. hi said,

    However, all in all VLC despite what you say is the most reliable for me and works always with your videos.

    • Force Gaia said,

      maybe, but try and find a fansub group that recommends it

  5. hi said,

    Well sorry I messed up that message above anyway.
    DivX doesn’t display subs for me but VLC does, that’s really what I meant to say but I was obviously not concentrating at the time, sorry

  6. Elizara said,

    I just found this out from the TV-N board of all places. Seems Perian can handle most things. For anything else there’s Mplayer OSX Extended or (UGH! Last resort!) VLC.

    • Elizara said,

      And I mean for macs. There’s been a minor “Whut, I can’t play your releases” thread on TV-N.

      • Force Gaia said,

        I know OSX extended, i got a friend to stop using VLC and use that after VLC wasn’t picking up on ordered chapters referencing an outside file, i got him to switch to mplayer OSX extended and he thanks me for it.
        the makers of the CCCP recommend OSX extended, and then perian with quicktime

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