September 17, 2011

YPC5 34 – A Knight’s Tale

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 8:05 pm by Force Gaia

Sorry for the wait, real-life happened.

In this episode:

Nozomi gives the fan-pairing more ammo, Milk is strangely quiet and non-annoying, Hadenya shows us how to properly throw a Kowainaa mask, and Karen uses a lightsaber.

Torrent [CRC=C3B6FDFD] || DDL

Zalis: True, Milk is tolerable in this episode, but I did get some Shilling The Wesley vibes. And isn’t it convenient that they can forget about Pinkies for several episodes at a time, only to find the exact one they need, when they need it?

Incidentally, this is the first episode that I did not translate for Aesir months ago.


  1. curevanilla said,

    Thanks for the episode! (Took u long enough ha ha!) 😀 Hope whatever real-life stuff you had is better now!

  2. kirindas said,

    Thank you!

  3. Nozomi made me hnnnnng said,

    You evil evil bastards, linking to TVtropes…

    Thanks as always.

    • Force Gaia said,

      that was all Zalis, i got hit by it too when i went to investigate what the trope meant.

      so much so that i can safely say that’s where 2 hours of my life disappeared to

  4. darkcat1 said,

    I’m probably the only one who kinda likes Milk and thinks she’s funny at times. That sneaky conniving little food thief…lol

  5. cutie nozomi said,

    um where are the episodes?

  6. Epyon said,

    Thank you for the new episode. ^^

  7. Shima said,

    Equestrienne Karen! ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. Nozomi made me hnnnnng said,

    Just notice at 14:13:
    “Hah, You’re no match for me all by your lonesome”

    Shouldn’t it be : “…all by yourself”, flows much better.

    • Force Gaia said,

      “all by your lonesome” is used in speech IRL as well, and i get the feeling that Zalis put it in there for a reason, most probably due to the way hadenya said it.
      I QC for grammar and other asst. wordings, i deemed that acceptable. you’d have raged more if i’d not caught my own blunder where i missed timing a line

    • zalis116 said,

      As ForceGaia said, it’s a valid expression, and I did decide to use it to make Hadenya sound arrogant and haughty. It’s a phrasing that doesn’t appear in fansubs too often, and I’m always trying to include a little variety.

  9. Kuromii said,

    Thanks so much for this! Any word on when 25 and 26 will be done? Also if you happen to need an editor then I’m your girl, I’ve worked for AFFTW as one of the two editors there.

    • Force Gaia said,

      25 and 26 are done by aesir (but we will do them ourselves when we’ve released the rest purely for consistency) we’re prioritizing the eps that haven’t had any releases yet to try and get more subbed.

      I edit too so we won’t need your help, as when i QC i mainly look for wordings in lines, so i suppose what i do as “QC” could actually be called editing instead, but as I re-check my timings at the same time along with other bits and pieces i do some QC as well, plus the raw won’t need deep scrutiny as we have faith in K.o.R (but desbreko has already done that to some degree), all i care about is that the raw is watchable

      thanks for the offer though, but the main reason things are on a go slow atm is because university just started and I’m getting my affairs in order and trying to sort my timetable in order to fit in a regular space to time things (with the hope that i’ll be able to time at least an ep a week although i doubt that’ll actually happen)

  10. ruby said,

    um, when ep 35 come out? Sorry about my question but I just thought it’s so long to release new episode. I’m very sorry!!!

    • Force Gaia said,

      we’re not dead, just very busy. for me, university has started and I’ve got no idea what’s going down at zalis’ end.

      35 is timed, but remember, we’re doing this IN OUR FREE TIME as volunteers, if we don’t have that free time we can’t do anything, and don’t expect a regular release as it’s rather rude for you to poke us asking “yo, where’s the next ep?”

      there is no time limit on getting episodes out anyway, this series itself has been stalled for years, then aesir did a couple of new ones, then we came along.

      I believe we said somewhere that we wouldn’t get it done fast, we’d just get it done eventually

  11. A.K.Thathap said,

    Thank god for this sub!
    Ganbatte++ ^-^

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