August 11, 2011

YPC5 32 – Moon Tiara Magic!

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 4:20 am by zalis116

In this episode, Rin gets duped into taking part in a friend’s older sister’s friend’s super-low-cost wedding ceremony, and all the girls get their own imagination segment to think about their own weddings. I have to say that Urara’s is the least realistic. You’d think idol fans would be the type to stalk her blog to make sure she’s not spending Christmas with a guy — the type that would disown her if she were in anything resembling a marriage-ready relationship.

Also, the 2nd ED starts in ep 33, so say goodbye to ED 1 until we go back and release some earlier episodes.

Torrent [CRC=0F93763A] || DDL

Force Gaia: To be honest it’s not Urara’s Wedding that worries me, it’s the worrying side of Komachi that’s revealed in her fantasy.


  1. darkcat1 said,

    thanks again Force Gaia, Zallis and Kor…you guys rock

  2. kaiser501 said,

    Thank you so much !

    And good luck forward ^_^

  3. Juri said,

    I didn’t have much time for watching the episodes but thanks for the new one.

  4. Jingles said,

    Thank you for your hard work! Loving the episodes.

  5. I loved how Nazomi’s husband was Coco… if you looked at the guy from reverse.

    Thanks for the episode, looking very psyched for Ep 33. I’m glad the YPC5 curse hasn’t hit you guys yet.

  6. Tenchi5429 said,

    Does anyone know how I can get Yes Pretty Cure 5 episodes 12-20? Have they been subbed yet?

  7. akuma2002 said,

    Thanks guys, keep up the good work, now i finally have hope to see the end of this great anime! 😀

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