August 2, 2011

YPC5 31 – Why intra-team relationships are a bad idea

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 5:25 am by Force Gaia

Flan Princess

Yes, Force Gaia has been playing too much Final Fantasy IV

The second in the episodes originally done for Aesir.

Coco receives some fan-mail, Nozomi overreacts, Bunbee gets demoted, and Moerumba’s ugly sister appears.

Torrent [CRC=F0CB563F] || DDL

Zalis: As usual, emotional/love drama proves easier to sub than most other types of dialogue. Also, I’ve owned Final Fantasy II IV on SNES for 20 years, but I’ve never seen a Flan Princess. Stupid 1/64 encounter rate…


  1. Desbreko said,

    I got a set of adamant armor on my FFIV Advance game, but it took a long time to get a tail to drop from them. I bypassed the 1/64 encounter rate by using sirens to automatically encounter them, but it’s also only a 1/64 drop rate.

  2. ruby said,

    thank for new ep.
    I hope this series will complete soon.
    will you sub Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Movie?

  3. AWJ said,

    Is it just me or is the video quality on this episode terrible, with huge ringing artifacts around every outline? Are the DVD sources this bad or did the encoder do something wrong?

    • Desbreko said,

      The DVDs really are that bad. It’s possible to get rid of most of the ringing with minimal detail loss, but I don’t think K-o-R bothered with any filtering beyond IVTC.

      • K.o.R said,

        A case of, “Do you want this done some time this decade?”. But yes, they are godawful DVDs. Toei need to stop skimping.

      • Force Gaia said,

        i for one am not surprised you got that response from k.o.r, as that’s pretty much mine and zalis’ view as well

      • Desbreko said,

        lol The filtering is slow but not that slow. If you set x264 to low priority and just let it run in the background while you do other stuff, speed becomes a non-issue. Given the pace of releases so far, it’s not as if the slower encoding would be holding them up.

        Now, encoding 1080p BD rips at 0.4 fps on my old Core 2 Duo — THAT was slow.

  4. Crush-Zombie said,

    Ahh, I’ve been itching for some PC5, thank you! ❤

  5. zalis116 said,

    @Desbreko: To make things worse, the Siren/Alert item was dummied out of the SNES version…

    @ Ruby: Yes, I do plan to release the movie, as the currently-available translation is lacking.

    @AWJ: I’m not sure… at least I don’t think I used the wrong raw, anyway. But Pretty Cure DVD sources in general are notoriously not-so-good. Someone may eventually do a 720p HDTV release, if we’re lucky.

    • Desbreko said,

      If you send me a new translation for the movie, I can do the rest of the work on it for you. I have a WOWOW .ts of it that I’m planning on making 720p and 480p encodes from like I did for the Splash Star movie, but I don’t really want to use the currently available script.

      • Aetheron said,

        @Desbreko, Do you also have .ts or other HD raws of the YP5 season episodes? I’ve been looking for them and if I can get a hold of them I could help with a 720p release.

      • Desbreko said,

        @Aetheron: I have the Animax and BS11 .ts’s that Elitist Fags released, but they’re not complete. The Animax ones have the end of every other episode cut off from about ep20 on (cap ended too early), and only the first couple episodes from BS11 got capped before they quit.

        If I had a complete HDTV source that actually looked better than the DVDs, I would’ve been making 720p encodes for Zalis already. But the chances of getting one at this point seems very slim.

      • ruby said,

        Is Yes Movie HD of you doesn’t cut off the first scene like the CureCom one?
        and do you have GoGo and Fresh Movie HD?

      • Desbreko said,

        The WOWOW broadcast cut off the opening bit about the miracle lights, but I spliced it back in from the DVD.

        As far as I know, the 5 GoGo and Fresh movies never aired in HD or else they were never capped since I haven’t found any HD raws of them. I do have the DVDs, though, so if they don’t get rereleased on BD, I might make better DVD encodes at some point.

      • ruby said,

        can you encode those 2 movies in 720p?

      • Desbreko said,

        No, I will not encode DVDs at 720p. That’s just dumb, as Zalis explained below.

  6. zalis116 said,

    @ Ruby: I’m pretty sure all the HDTV sources cut out that first scene, as it’s only meant to instruct kids in the theaters on when to use some kind of “Miracle Light” props. However, I can take that scene from the DVD raw and release it as a standalone extra.

    @ Ruby again: I’m sure Desbreko *could* encode them in 720p, but what’s the point? The sources are DVD and thus only 720×480. Upscaling them at the encoder stage to 1280×720 won’t magically add details or turn them into high-definition. Resizing the encodes is a waste of bitrate and causes pointless filesize bloat, for “quality” that’s nothing more then a placebo. It’s really no different from taking a 480p release and upscaling it with your media player.

    And I wouldn’t knowingly release a DVD upscale anyway.

    • ruby said,

      now I get it, thank you zalis and Desbreko ^^

  7. Mo-e-rum-ba! Cha cha!

  8. Carmenrmen said,

    xD, *awaits ep 32* thanks for the sub

  9. darkcat1 said,

    I’ve gotten rare weapons out of FF2/FF4 and one time I even got the Artemis bow(matches those rare arrows) but I’ve never seen those flans!

  10. Astrumerus said,

    I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems to me that Desbreko and FrogStreet13 seem to be alias/same person.

    • zalis116 said,

      Uh, yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s just you. Do you have any evidence to back up this claim, or are you just trolling?

    • Ichigo69 said,

      I can pretty much guarantee that they’re /NOT/ the same person. Also… why you gotta go hatin’ on Desbreko sew much? That was pretty insulting to call him frogstreet, yo…..

    • K.o.R said,

      Oh good heavens no. Desbreko actually knows his stuff and has been quite helpful, whereas calling Froggy dumb as a rock would be insulting to rocks.

      • Force Gaia said,

        speaking of desbrecko being helpful, are you going to do that filter thing? or is would it take as long as you said?

      • Desbreko said,

        I uploaded an avs script with my filter chain back around when ep28 was released for him to give it a try, but I dunno if he ever did see how slow it would be on his CPU. It was about four hours to encode an episode on my Core i7, but CPU usage was only ~25% even using the absolute slowest x264 settings because the filtering bottlenecked it. So I doubt it would be significantly slower on a Core 2 Quad if you used a faster x264 preset to keep that from being the bottleneck.

        Here’s the screens I took to compare my filtered encode with the unfiltered one:

      • K.o.R said,

        See, I look at those screenshots and, well… I can see it looks “different” but I can’t honestly say it looks *better* (better being a subjetive term remember). Yes the haloing is all but gone but now it’s all so fuzzy.

        I honestly would not notice the haloing effect if no-one had explained what to look out for (but of course now it’s CANNOT UNSEE ¬_¬).

        I’ve had a go with the test script, but it’s not much of a comparison as I had to turn off smartfade, maa and lsfmod since even with Lobster’s big bag o’ plugins it still doesn’t recognise them. I’m getting ~3.5FPS which translates to about 3.5 hours per episode encode (at crf 18); I don’t know how taxing those three filters are but that’s as close a comparison I can get.

      • Force Gaia said,

        i see what you mean. Ok, thought i’d ask since someone had pointed it out, but as you said (and as i said earlier) you wouldn’t notice it without actively looking for it

      • Desbreko said,

        Dehaloing does give the appearance of reducing the sharpness, but that’s just a perceptual trick, assuming the dehaloing was done well. If you zoom in and compare the edges of the black line art in both screens, you’ll find that they’re actually just as sharp in the dehaloed shots. They simply appear blurrier to the untrained eye because the contrast at the edges isn’t super-high due to the bright white outlines around them being mostly removed.

        Myself, I look at the unfiltered shots and they look too bright with too much contrast because of the halos. And besides simply being easier on my eyes, the filtered shots are also much closer to the original source. The HDTV broadcasts don’t really have any noticeable halos; they’re only there because the DVDs got screwed over by edge enhancement filtering. Compare with a screen from the Animax broadcast:

    • Force Gaia said,

      frogstreet13 is a hated troll in the precure community and is a moron of gargantuan proportions. He has even earned a special auto-post by a bot when he logs into #precure to the tune of “OH GOD! IT’S FROGSTREET13! TAKE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND RUN FOR THE HILLS!”
      or something to that effect

      Desbrecko has been very helpful as to looking for encoding errors that i don’t look for. as all i care about is that the video is watchable, and I’ve watched some pretty atrocious raws. When i Qc I look for timing and language problems, so i don’t see that slight video glitches.

      I really don’t see how you thought they were the same person

  11. Astrumerus said,

    I’m very sorry I took when he said “The filtering is slow” the wrong way… I’m very very sorry Desbrecko… I didn’t mean to even associate you with frog… I just thought you were insulting the video quality like i’ve seen frog do on almost every post that almost every precure post that has ever been done…
    My sincerest apologies Desbrecko… 😦

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