July 20, 2011

YPC5 30 – Go Go Pretty Rangers!

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 4:06 am by Force Gaia

The YPC5 Megazord

Screw you Power Rangers! We can surf on our mech!

We’ve now hit the stuff Zalis had timed and TL’ed when he was going to help Aesir, so we can get things out a little quicker.

In this episode: Milk has yet another fight with Nozomi, Arachnea takes voluntary redundancy, and the YPC5 Megazord is taken out for a spin.

Zalis: I found it fitting to release episode 30 on my 30th birthday. Enjoy the fansub-related fruits of my NEET lifestyle while it still lasts. Also, why couldn’t Milk get captured and tortured by the villains like Flappi and Choppi did in Splash Star 30? Maybe the writers rightly feared that the audience would think she deserved it?

Torrent [CRC=F2C4D766] || DDL


  1. Kimiko said,

    Happy Birthday, Zalis! ^_^

  2. 1wordwonder said,

    wow happy birthday Zalis

  3. Lucia said,

    Happy Birthday Zalis!

  4. Juri said,

    You’re really fast now xD. Thanks!

    Happy Birthday Zalis

  5. hikaruon said,

    Go! Go! Buttlerfly Megazord!

  6. hikaruon said,

    And Happy Birthday Zalis

  7. darkcat1 said,

    happy B-day Zalis!

    Also thank you and Force Gaia for more episodes ^^

  8. CrimsonDX said,

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

    And thank you for the episode 😀

  9. Crush-Zombie said,

    Only 19 more to go! OSSSSSSSSUUUUUUU

    Also Happy B-Day!

  10. Kuromii said,

    Happy belated birthday! 🙂 I hope to see more of this series soon ♥ just a quick question – do you plan on perhaps finishing Fresh Pretty Cure where CureCom left off? It’s so sad that it hasn’t been completed yet 😦

    • Force Gaia said,

      curecom are still active, they just operate in spurts. so there’s no reason to “pick up where they left off”
      i’ll get K.o.r to say something, as the guy who encoded the raws we use is part of curecom

      • K.o.R said,

        Scripts for Fresh are in editing. The editor keeps having Real Life­™ stuff happen. They’ll be done when they are done.

      • precurejunkie said,

        Yeah, I’ll have some more pretty soon. I’m almost done with 30, maybe by this weekend.

  11. Omar said,

    *puts on Kougami mask*

    Zalis-kun……HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    *removes Kougami mask*

    Also, you comment on Milk……I agree 110%

    Glad to see someone out there hates her as much as I do.

    • Force Gaia said,

      i’m going to have to find that rant about milk that appeared on the comm waaaay back, as i seem to remember the quote “hateful ball of fur”

      • precurejunkie said,

        “nasty pile of living fur” actually. 🙂 That was a fun read.

      • Crimsondisco said,

        The cute little lop bunny with long rabbit ears, tiny ruby eyes and a bow on her head? I knew at first glance I was gonna hate her!

  12. Carmen said,

    lol, toei should do a power ranger yes pretty cure team up with megazord power. That be sweet

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