July 1, 2011


Posted in News/Update at 7:16 am by zalis116

From Zalis:

Just a little heads-up for you all: I will be on vacation and without Internet until the 6th or 7th, so there won’t be any releases until then. But things will be worked on behind the scenes.

From Force Gaia:

My internet will be a little unreliable for the next few days and I’m busy moving so i won’t have time to do much. So I’m a bit out of action until the 8th at the earliest


But hey, you’ve waited 4 years to get Yes! Pretty Cure 5 subbed, another week won’t make much difference. right?


  1. dood said,

    With Zalis on the job I don’t care when it’s coming out, I know it gonna be the best that it can be.

    It’s not if it takes another year it will matter, humph !

  2. darkcat1 said,

    I’m with you as long as it gets done eventually I care not how fast we get it. Have a nice break fellas!

    Thanks again guys. darkcat1 AKA: Shadowneko

    • Force Gaia said,

      won’t be much of a break for me as i’m moving, it’s practically been non stop for me since the 1st.

      but i’ve got an internet connection now and will have a stable one form tomorrow night (gmt) so i’ll be able to get back to it soon

  3. CureVanilla said,

    I’m happy as long as it gets subbed! Don’t care how long it takes 😀

  4. I’m just glad you’re all working on it, and will be grateful to get it no matter the wait!

  5. Blake Griffin said,

    Are you still working on the next episode, or are you taking a break for summer? Thanks!


    • Force Gaia said,

      we were just a little busy over that period, normal service is back, 29 is in TL now.

      if we were taking that sort of break we would have said, it may have been a week after we said we’d be back in action but we have lives too.

      as far as i know zalis has work during the day (and therefore does require sleep), and i’ve gone home to visit family but am still working on it.

      it may be slow but please don’t pester us with “the time you said you’d be away is done, where’s the next release then?” as that’s what your comment sounds like

    • Elizara said,

      Yeah. First rule of talking to a fansubber; NO ASKING WHEN THE NEXT RELEASE IS. (Some fansubbers actually have a “you do that we mock you” attitude about it)

      It can make them want to drag their feet more.

      • Force Gaia said,

        you don’t know how many times i had to re-write that comment to keep some tact in it.

        i may suggest to zalis that we adopt that approach, as people should be glad we’re subbing it, and we’re already faster then aesir were

  6. Blake Griffin said,

    I was just wondering if you were going to be busy this summer, or were you planning on fansubbing. I didn’t mean to irritate or offend anyone when I posted last week. I apologize if I did. I am also glad that you are subbing this series, and don’t mind how long it takes to get finished.

  7. CrimsonDX said,

    I know I greatly appreciate that you all are doing this and will happily wait as long as it takes. 😀

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