June 23, 2011

YPC5 28 – Hot town, summer in the city

Posted in Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 8:12 am by zalis116

Yukata transformation sequences: approved.

After some miscellaneous delays due to jury duty, new encodes, and ????, I can now bring you Yes! Pretty Cure 5 ep 28. It’s summer in… eh, wherever this show takes place, and that means festivals, yukatas, all-too-familiar masks, and some hastily-improvised dessert menu items.

On the technical front, the .mkv now features two! two subtitle tracks, ah ah ha!  Track 1 has color-coded styling by character, while Track 2 has all non-overlapping dialogue in the same color. Since not everybody likes multiple colors, I didn’t want to present an “effectively hardsubbed” release where people would have to edit 12 different styles just to change the font/size/color/margins of the subtitles. *thinks back to SpoonSubs’ Hidamari Sketch X 365, and shudders*

Torrent [CRC=DCC84CF5] || DDL


  1. TJ said,

    Thank you. And even a slow pace for you is still much better than it use to be in the past.

  2. Mertal said,

    Yess! Thank you!

  3. darkcat1 said,

    here we go copying everyone else: Thank you again for trying to finish this. You rock and I don’t mind waiting a month for the next one as long as this gets done.

  4. Crush-Zombie said,

    Awesome! Rock on, guys.

  5. dood said,

    And now I’m hungry. Thanks.

  6. i was wondering if there was a way to hardsub onto the video track while keeping the fonts,colors and effects

  7. Liddo-kun said,

    Thank you very much. Waited years for this.

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