June 14, 2011

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 – OP and ED

Posted in Batches, Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 6:00 pm by Force Gaia

Who's THAT Pokemon?

Who's THAT Pokemon?

Along with the DVD raws for episodes K.o.R gave us, he also threw in all the OP and ED sequences.
So here they are in all their DVD glory:

Torrent with all four

XDCC packlist for [PreCure]AllStars on #precure@irc.Rizon.net

Opening 1: (Isn’t on the DVDs; if anyone somehow has a clean version of it, please let us know, because otherwise we can’t give you this as it simply doesn’t exist)

Opening 2: DDL

Opening 3: DDL
* note: All OPs are the same song, just with different footage to add newly-introduced characters.

Ending 1: DDL

Ending 2: DDL

On another note, we will be re-releasing 27 with a DVD raw in the near future.
I’m just waiting for Zalis to get back to me about 28 and 29, as 28 has been QC’ed and 29 is still awaiting TL as far as I know, but i think this is because the DVD raws have given him more work to do to them as he’s re-done the OP and ED kara due to changes in the raws, and the audio is a little different.


  1. Mertal said,

    *snort* compaired the release pace that Aesir had, you guys are moving at light speed!

    I dont know about anyone else, but I can wait a bit longer for DVD quality releases.

    • Force Gaia said,

      Well it’s DVD from here on, there’s no point in using TV raws if we’ve got DVD raws

      • Mertal said,

        Good point. By the way, are we going to need the OP and ED sequences you just posted for future releases? Some groups cut the OP and ED off to save space on individual releases and link them to OP and ED’s previously downloded.

  2. zalis116 said,

    @Mertal: No, these are just clean OP-ED sequences for the heck of it, or for the AMV-makers out there. The actual release does not cut out OP/ED or use ordered chapters. The actual release will use creditless OP/ED with a few production staff credits in the OP and the “Pretty Cure” of the title hardsubbed in. So if you want the most pristine OP/ED versions possible, get these.

    • Mertal said,

      Ok, thats cool. Thank you for the answer.

  3. K.o.R said,

    Just to point out: there’s not really much point having the IRC bot pack numbers as these change all the time. It’s probably easier to just link to the bot packlist (http://www.big-guy.eu/%5BPreCure%5DAllStars.txt)

    • Force Gaia said,

      K will do, i forget they did that

    • Ichigo69 said,

      Yeah, I’m kinda anal about keeping the series eps in order(ry

      Although the Yes! PC5 ep pack #’s prolly aren’t gonna change much b/c they’re earlier. the ones that really change often are Suite and Fresh and the DX movies b/c they’re near the end ^__^

      • Force Gaia said,

        did you get chance to put the 27v2 and the Openings & Endings on the bot?

      • Ichigo69 said,

        Gonna try to do that now… Having issues getting mIRC to connect at work….

  4. Desbreko said,

    There are three variations of the OP, btw. OP1 is ep1-17, OP2 is ep18-34, and OP3 is ep35-49. What you’ve got here are actually OP2 and OP3.

    • K.o.R said,

      Well, there’s only 2 clean OPs included as extras on the DVDs. So…

  5. Force Gaia said,

    looking back at the older eps, i didn’t notice that.

  6. zalis116 said,

    I’ve edited the post to reflect the information in the comments. Too bad that first OP version is missing. But who knows, maybe it’ll surface somehow. Kind of like how Jumonji-Giri was able to get the missing 4th creditless ending of Futakoi Alternative,

    • Force Gaia said,

      I’d noticed, I’ve updated the LJ cross-post as well with your edits

    • Desbreko said,

      Sometimes you can get creditless Precure OPs/EDs from DVDs that come with the special edition CDs. But I looked on Share and PD and didn’t see any rips with ISOs included.

      • K.o.R said,

        I’ve just checked my DVD footage, and the intro from episode 01 appears to be identical to the intro on episode 21. Perhaps there was a difference on the TV version, but certainly not on these DVDs.

        (I *did* notice that one of the credits is different in later eps though… which I wouldn’t have noticed if the two frames weren’t side-by-side… orz)

      • Desbreko said,

        Are you sure? The difference should be towards the end where it shows all five of them, one after another, after flying up together. OP1 shows a bit from their transformation, OP2 shows their attacks, OP3 shows their weapons.

  7. Force Gaia said,

    What he means is that the TV had different OP sequences to the DVD. as the DVD only has the OPs we’ve released

    • Desbreko said,

      I get that. I just find it extremely odd that they’d remove one of the OPs for the DVD release, so I was a bit skeptical. Especially since the TV broadcasts I have are from after the DVDs were released and they still have all three.

      Going and checking Aesir’s earlier DVD releases shows only OP2, though, so I guess they did remove OP1.

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