November 18, 2010

The Next Step

Posted in General, News/Update, Pretty Cure Splash Star, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 3:28 am by zalis116

Since some have been asking, this is what I plan to do in the future. First off, I will not be picking up Yes! Precure 5. However, that does not mean that I will not be working on it. Tentatively, the plan is that I will work on translating the 30s episodes of YPC5 for the folks over at Aesir-Subs. After that point, perhaps I’ll do more for them on that series, or fill in on some episodes of Fresh Pretty Cure with CureCom. So while the PCSS banner is on hiatus, I’ll still be working towards the goal of getting all past Pretty Cure episodes subbed.  But for the time being, I’m taking a break from Pretty Cure and  focusing on my re-releasing operation for some shows that desperately need better subs.

EDIT: Ohayguyz, if you read this, I have YPC5 30 translated, and will time it in the next couple of days or so. Tomorrow will be tied up by NU-CU football and Deathly Hallows Pt. 1, though.

Some other possible plans, no guarantees yet:

* Remux/sub-fixing for the Yes! Precure 5 movie (DVD version)

* A secret project, involving an incompletely-subbed non-Pretty-Cure Magical girl anime from the latter half of the 00s.

* Softsubbed re-release of the 2004 Pretty Cure series, or at least of the first 13 eps that used TV source instead of DVD.

— This is dependent on somebody else encoding raws from the DVD .isos for me. Even if I do wind up re-releasing the entire first series, I don’t intend to do Max Heart — the Arienai release is already all DVD source, h264, mp4. Only drawback is that it’s hardsubbed. EDIT: And has fairly a low video bitrate (690 kbps) that’s the same across all episodes, meaning that the more action-packed episodes get bitrate-starved while the low-action episodes might be bloated. But there aren’t even timed Russian subs out there for Max Heart, and the multiple colors make the subs un-OCRable. So any extraction of those subs would involve brute-force transcription and complete retiming from scratch.


  1. Mertal said,


    Anything that will increase their YPC5 releases is a great thing! And I like your future plans as well.

  2. Cap said,

    I’m confused. When you say “This is dependent on somebody else encoding raws from the DVD .isos for me.”, do you mean you have the .iso’s and need somebody else to encode raws from them? Or are you saying you need someone else that already has the .iso’s to encode them?

    Because if you have them, i could encode raws from them easily. But i assume if you do have them you probably would’ve already found someone to encode them.

    • zalis116 said,

      Someone I know had plans to encode them at some point. Hopefully that will still materialize in the future.

      • Cap said,

        Actually, i was just going to leave another comment saying to ignore my last one, and that i encoded a Raw of episode 1 from the iso for you. I was hoping i could send it to you to see if you like it. If you do, i could encode the rest.

        Please let me know if you want me to send it to you! I’d really like for you to look at it.

  3. darkcat1 said,

    thanks for helping Aesir-Subs. I really like Yes! Precure 5 and I want to see the end ^^

  4. Jack said,

    I’m a fan of the Pretty Cure series, and run my own website called Pretty Cure Central. I was wondering if you would send me copies of the subbed episodes to post on my website. Anyways, get back to me on that. I’m a HUGE fan of your subs and it would be really great for this to happen.

  5. Mertal said,

    Looks like Aesir Just burned out. Looks like we are not going to see YP5 subbed within our life times.

  6. Force Gaia said,

    just letting you know aesir has now closed, so you might want to re-think the YPC5 plans

    • zalis116 said,

      All right, those plans are being rethought.

      • Force Gaia said,

        if you want any help, should you end up doing them, I’ll do anything i can.
        I’m a grammar nut so i could edit and check scripts for S+G, i could time although not had much practice, not sure what else i could do.
        I’m the_code_monkey on lj, should you need to find me

  7. zalis116 said,

    Well, if you saw my Splash Star subs, you’ll know that I can get close-to-flawless spelling/grammar on my own. The main thing I”d need would be timing, either of translated scripts or pre-timing to the raw audio. I’d suggest DLing Aegisub and checking out to see if that looks like something you’d be able/willing to do.

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