July 28, 2010

Go for the six batches on the underside!

Posted in Batches, Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 2:42 pm by zalis116

Pretty Cure Splash Star Main Cast

They may get an A for saving the world, but their Zettai Ryouiki only ranks a C.

41-49 Batch || 01-49 Complete Batch (BakaBT) || Scripts + Font Archive

So, I’m back from my trip to a family reunion in the Portland, OR area, where I learned at least one important fact: northwestern Oregon loves Papyrus. And as promised before, the last two batches are now available, thanks to Ichigo69 and beeyacht. The first contains only the final arc of the series, featuring the trimphant return of Michiru and Kaoru, their and Pretty Cure’s series of battles with previously defeated minion, and the four’s final confrontations with Gohyaan and Akudaikaan. And the second batch is of course the entire series, aside from the movie.  From the third link, you can get a .rar archive of the scripts for all 49 episodes and the movie. I recommend giving them a read-through, as I included extra information about translation and editing decisions that wasn’t displayed in the actual releases. Additional lulz can also be had, particularly in the final episode’s script.

All in all, it’s been a fun adventure 1-manning the second half of this series and re-releasing the first. I knew from working on Sugar Sugar Rune that subbing Magical Girl anime that aired several years ago wouldn’t bring me fame and acclaim across the fansubbing world. But I figure that even if only ~1300 people DL these releases, it’s still completely worth it to be a hero to those 1300 people and Pretty Cure fandom in general. So hopefully I can continue delivering quality subs for this franchise in the future. But first, I’m going to focus on my re-releasing operation and continue watching through Yes! Pretty Cure 5 before I do any more Pretty Cure subbing work.

I may post some entries in this blog about general anime and fansubbing issues, and I’ll of course be checking back for more comments. Also, if you enjoyed my releases beyond merely “Yes it’s finally subbed!”, feel free to comment on AniDB and MAL. Even though there’s no competing releases to compare with, I still like seeing reviews on subbing quality.


  1. nida said,

    thanks for returning back, thanks for finishing splash star and i look forward to your other works the quality of your fansubs is great it makes it look real easy readable and many woulod not have a problem with since it the best fansubbing i have seen since i have seen and most of them are in colours are not seeable to eye so sometimes i have reread so your subs really stand and are appreaciated by me

    keep up the good work and take as long as you need to before subbing other series of this franchise, by bringing splash star to an end you are my hero and made me glad to watch the series

  2. Jeffrey said,

    You sir are indeed my hero. I have been waiting for this show to be fully subbed FOREVER. If you ever do bring PreCure 5 and Fresh PreCure to us (And maybe even do a dvd release of the first two seasons) You would achieve god-like status in my eyes. You have my thanks and my support.

    • zalis116 said,

      You are welcome, and thanks for your support. For the first two seasons, note that Arienai’s releases are already DVD source for eps 14-49 of the 2004 original series and all of Max Heart. Granted, they are hardsubbed avi or mp4, formats which many people would not call ideal. But softsubbed DVD versions of PC’04 and Max Heart aren’t really on my agenda right now, since:

      1) The existing fansubs are mostly DVD-source and reasonable quality, and the hardsub styling is readable.
      2) Obtaining subtitles would be a difficult chore for a questionable amount of A/V quality gain. Due to the multiple colors Arienai used, they can’t be OCRed. They would have to be typed out line-by-line. And now that Quarkboy/Sam P. has gone legit, there’s not much chance that I’ll get the original scripts dropped into my inbox like with Mystery Person X and Splash Star 02-17.

      But one person does plan to do HQ DVD encodes of Pretty Cure ’04, albeit without subtitles. If anyone wants to help with the subtitle work, contact him.

      • Jeffrey said,

        Yeah, didn’t realize that Arienai’s release had been dvd before I posted that, and I didn’t realize that you had links to people doing Precure 5 and Fresh Precure on the side *embarrassed*

        Regardless, Thank you for your work ^_^

  3. Leo said,

    Wow, thank you SO MUCH for subbing this!!!!
    I’m so happy to finally watch it full. Splash Star is one of the best seasons of PreCure. I’m already downloading everything and I’ll help seeding afterwards.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. demonraiser said,

    I’m currently watching through the first 17 episodes of Splash Star. There were a few questionable translations… For example, the phrase “emotionally invested” is difficult to interpret, where simpler phrases like “care deeply” might have made more sense in context. I understand the difficulty of transliteration and that these issues that plague every fansubber.

    Luckily, the minor issues were few. I think your translations handle the job of conveying the original spirit of the show very nicely. I was especially thankful for the enunciation of Kenta’s incredibly lame puns, or otherwise I would have never thought him to be a comedian. It’s difficult to capture the original Japanese meaning and make sense of it in English, yet I’m glad to say there was very little difficulty transitioning. (Nuke it and eat it, ‘kay?)

    As for the series itself, it can’t hold up to the epicness of the original. I will say that I am easily enjoying it far more than Fresh Pretty Cure or Heartcatch Precure… probably more than both of them combined. If the original Pretty Cure framed the structure for seven seasons to come, Splash Star codified it. The plot subtly transitions into a battle with the main villain. All seven seasons follow this structure to a tee, but Splash Star does far better than it’s successors Fresh and Heartcatch. The stories ACTUALLY make me sympathetic and even sad on occasion. The fights… maybe not the strongest point of the series, but they’re not that bad either.

    Once again, many thanks for subbing the series. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Yes! Precure 5 as much as you did Splash Star… maybe even more. Unfortunately, there’s not much Zettai Ryouiki, but don’t let that ruin it for you!

    • zalis116 said,

      Thanks for the long and detailed post; I always do like discussing translation matters.

      For the pun explanation method, you can thank Mystery Person X, as he did the translations for the first 24 episodes. I just followed along with the pattern he established. Otherwise, I might have tried to localize or rewrite them. But that would’ve been difficult since many of the puns are tied to the visuals. I don’t recall where the “emotionally invested” line was used. Maybe it was something in the MFTGX subs that I didn’t feel like editing, or maybe I was trying to add some variety instead of saying “care” all the time. Either way, I probably should have changed it just to make the line shorter.

      On the “nuke it” line, I imagine I was trying to keep the line short because it didn’t have much time onscreen. You could also chalk it up to me being old and still using outdated slang. I’m sure there are a few genuine mistranslations, parts where I couldn’t quite discern the audio and made something up. But I hope those are rare and not bad enough to damage one’s enjoyment of the series.

      • demonraiser said,

        Now that you mention it, I did notice a slight difference in style from episode 24 onwards (slightly more humor). I’m up to episode 34 right now, there haven’t been many mistranslations but I will say a few things:

        Episode 28 (The train riding episode): Saki said she wanted to go on one last “expedition”. It seems that you were holding back on adventure because there wasn’t any better substitute. It just sounded awkward to me because a train ride is not what I think of when I hear “expedition”. Of course, the episode’s plot was probably the worst out of the first 28 anyway.

        Episode 31: This episode was a hurricane of puns. I didn’t get half the stuff Kenta spouted, but it wasn’t your fault either. He’s probably just a lame comedian, even in Japanese. (eg. “Yacht the heck!”) It must have been awful to translate.

  5. Snark said,

    Thank you. Truly, thank you.

  6. Nona said,

    Thanks a lot for the scripts! How do I access the .ass files, though? Do I just need to play the episodes in the same folder, or…?

    • zalis116 said,

      Best way to view the scripts would be to use Aegisub, although text editors like notepad will sort of work.

      • Nona said,


  7. Syaoran_kun said,

    Since i saw a lot of talking about taking on YPC-5, Ichigo and me could probably provide HQ-raws for the show (both YPC5-and GoGo) (since you said you wanted to do dvd ones, since nothing else was available). If you’re interested feel free to either drop on IRC, since the talkan could get long, or just pm/msg Ichigo about it. And thx for the releases so far ъ(゚Д゚)グッジョブ!!

    • zalis116 said,

      I just re-installed mirc, so I can be found as Zalis on rizon and chatspike for the time being. DVD raws would be my first preference for YPC5*, but I imagine they’d already be torrented on nyaa or whatever if they were available. Failing that, I’d do HDTV downscaled to 480p, since I’m an SDfag like that. If I provide the softsubs, I’m sure some other group or individual would be willing to do 720p remuxes.

      *I’m not looking at GoGo at this point.

      • Desbreko said,

        I’d be up for encoding HD and SD versions of YPC5 from the Animax HD .ts’s that are available. If the DVD quality is as crappy as it is for Heartcatch and All Stars DX2, downscales from the HDTV broadcast will probably look better.

        You can find me on Rizon as Desbreko if you want to talk.

  8. zalis116 said,

    Were the Animax broadcasts the ones with the giant logo in them?

    • Desbreko said,

      They do have a logo, yeah, but I think it will be worth the increased video quality. Also, it’s looking like the DVD ISOs on Share are going to take forever to download. If one ever finishes, I’ll make some comparison shots.

  9. Desbreko said,

    I managed to get DVD vol.1 off PD instead, so here’s some comparisons. Like I thought, the Precure 5 DVDs are just as fugly as the Heartcatch and DX2 ones.


    The DVDs are blurry, have bad halos and more noise, and are cropped more. The only downsides to the HDTV broadcast are the logo and a bit less texture in some backgrounds.

  10. azu143 said,

    A belated thank you for finishing this series. I wish I could have played more of a part of it. For all it means, yes I’m the original azu143. I re-encoded this series from a 16 gig wmv batch in hopes that someone would take up the challenge of finishing the subs. Although I got lazy in terms of extrapolating frames to repair a couple of episodes. (If you pay attention, the remaining couple of errors are easy to find *cough* episode 46, 18:06 *cough*, plus one more less easy to identify, if you’re up for the challenge.).

    Anyway, I just noted the above in hopes of proving my identity, for all it’s worth. I’ve been a fan of the entire series for some time, and again thank you very much PCSS, for the time and effort of finishing this series.

    P.S. I hope, if you find the time, can take up the remaining Yes! Pre-cure and perhaps GoGo if time permits.

    • darkcat1 said,

      azu143- Hi. Aesir subs is doing Yes! Precure 5 starting at 21(they are gonna trade off starting after they release 9). They are ok fast unlike curecom: http://aesirsubs.wordpress.com/

      Curecom(http://www.curecom.net/) did 3 episodes of GoGo but they are horribly slow!

      I wish zalis would help speed up Fresh precure!.(that’s where Curecom is messing with me right now)

  11. lutfi yagami said,

    hmmm, i wanna ask why when i play the file in my laptop theire is no subtitle ?????

    • darkcat1 said,

      try the combined community codec pack…it plays everything!

      • lutfi yagami said,

        where can i download it ???????????

      • lutfi yagami said,

        already able to play it thanks darkcat1

  12. Mertal said,

    Im beginning to really wish you would pick up Yes Precure 5 after all…

    Seams that Aesir is more interested in Kamin Rider OOO and Heartcatch Precure than YP5..


    • Ruffy said,

      i wish you would too 😀

      plz pick up yes precure 5 zalis.

  13. Brian Rommel said,

    episodes are no longer here

  14. Darkzone said,

    I know I’m a bit late to the party, but is there any chance of a reseed on the eps 24-32 batch??

    I wasn”t sure if I’d like this season as much as the firsttwo, but it’s really fun! Saki is hilarious, and I’ve just got to the appearance of the Kiryu girls…..

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