July 22, 2010

49 – Final Episode: All the lights in the sky are Splash Stars

Posted in Batches, Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 12:03 am by zalis116

Pretty Cure Splash Star Complete Final Episode On January 28th, 2007, episode 49 of Pretty Cure Splash Star aired on Japanese TV. And now, a week short of 3 and a half years later, I’m proud to present it in English and thus complete the subbing of this series.  It’s the final phase of the final battle between Pretty Cure / Michiru&Kaoru and Gohyaan, where they learn the true intentions of their enemy. Can they survive and triumph over impossible odds? Well, given the type of show this is, they probably can. But what of the Kiryuus, who were told that if the power of destruction vanished, they’d vanish with it? You know, this all reminds me of a certain Gainax anime that started airing two months after Splash Star ended…

At any rate, break out the tissue boxes for an ending that surpasses the ends of both prior seasons, imo.  Whenever my motivation to sub this show faltered, I could always watch a few scenes from 49 to renew my determination. The only thing I regret on the subbing front is not doing subs for the extended ED 1 that plays as an insert song. But the only parts you really hear are the lyrics from the TV version, and insert karaoke is considered distracting in many circles.

I will be away from my home and Internet connection for the next 5 days, so you might not see a 41-49 batch until Tuesday. Then again, you might see one before that, so keep an eye on the comments and the usual torrent sites.  Also, there will hopefully be a complete 01-49 batch on bakabt. More thoughts in a later post.

Torrent [CRC=59294F55] || DDL


  1. demonraiser said,

    All 49 episodes of Splash Star, completely subbed?
    It would be disrespectful if I didn’t watch. So I’ll have to do just that.
    Congratulations on your completion, you have all the gratitude I could give you in one comment.

  2. john said,

    Thank you for this and best wishes for whatever you do next. I do look forward to what you decide to sub in future

  3. Rob said,

    Great job!
    Did links to episode 43 get lost? That’s the only one I’m missing and the links in that entry aren’t actually links, just the text part.

  4. Ichigo69 said,


    Here’s the batch torrent, kids ^__^


  5. beeyacht said,

    You offering this on BakaBT?
    I cannot do it myself but I can kludge a description if you need it.

    • zalis116 said,

      Probably not, as my upload speed kind of sucks. Plus I’m away from my home PC for the next few days.

    • Ichigo69 said,

      I don’t personally make offers on BBT, but if you want to offer it, I’ll seed it.

  6. updatedude said,

    Just wanna say, thanks very much for having done this. And truly, these final episodes are truly epic.

  7. meinereiner said,

    Thank you so much for this. I watched everything raw a while ago but now many more people will get exposed to this amazing show.

  8. K.o.R said,

    You sir, are awesome. Feel free to come and get merged into the big ball of happy that is CureCom, you’d be more than welcome 😀

  9. Nona said,

    Thank you so much. Thanks to you, I’ve been able to appreciate this season a lot more now that I understand all of what’s being said – it’s also been an immeasurable help for my goofy fan projects! I look forward to your future work on the series, and best of luck!

  10. Sadie89 said,

    Thank you so much for your work^^

  11. LeviathanX said,

    Thanks that you did and finished this show!

    IMHO this was the best PreCure Ending/End-Battle so far.

    (Haven’t seen 5/5 GoGo yet {skipped PreCure Fresh completely)

  12. Broli9000 said,

    in case you decide to sub other pretty cure series like yes 5 and fresh
    will you still be called pcss subs?

    • zalis116 said,

      If I do YPC5 solo, it’d still be under PCSS. If I worked with CureCom on other series, it’d probably be under CureCom — I wouldn’t want to mess up people’s file orders by having some of them as [PCSS]. [PCSS&CureCom], or [CureCom&PCSS]

  13. darkcat1 said,

    Thank you for finishing splash star. You asked what you should do next? Alot of people said “yes! Precure 5″…well not a bad idea I think it might be better to go talk to Curecom and help them speed up Fresh Pretty Cure but it’s up to you.(Curecom has done 1-6 of FPC and a few scattered episodes) Magenta w/AEsir subs might have “Yes! Precure 5” handled after the TV Nihon Drama that ended in them killing off that project but I really don’t know…

    Anyway whatever you choose to do is fine as I hope to see all of Pretty Cure subbed someday…

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