July 21, 2010

Plans for the future…

Posted in General, News/Update at 4:23 am by zalis116

Fresh Pretty Cure Eas Crystal Ball Fortune Telling

A Palantir is a dangerous artifact, you know.

As I write this post, episode 48 is currently uploading to MegaUpload, with 24 minutes to go. Episode 49 is translated, and just awaits timing, editing, karaoke synch, and a final check. So the time has come to decide what to do next with this little operation. So here’s a chance for you, the viewers/readers, to influence my decision:

Some obvious exclusions are obvious. The 2004 original series and Max Heart have been subbed in mostly-DVD-quality by Arienai and related groups.Β  If you’re interested in softsubs for the first series and feel like transcribing some scripts, get in touch with this guy. HeartCatch Pretty Cure has like five groups subbing it on a weekly basis, so there’s certainly no need for me to do anything with it.

If I did YPC5 25-49, I’d be trying to maintain consistency with the Arienai/Eggplant releases, and using the l33t-raws 396p .avi raws. If I had better raws, like DVD-quality, I’d consider doing re-releases of the first 24 eps, but that’s not an option at this point.

If I did YPC5 GoGo or FPC, I’d probably be working with CureCom (if they’ll have me lol), and not under the [PCSS] banner. But really, the file tags and personal glory don’t matter to me as much as giving this franchise the great subbing it deserves.

(Note: pic is not related to any subbing decisions)


EDIT: Announcement coming on Sunday 8-15 or Monday 8-16.



  1. dood said,

    I’m voting Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (Episodes 25-49) for the simple reason that I want to watch the Precure in the airing order (although Heartcatch is what got me into the franchise in the first place).

    It would be nice to see all the older Precures subbed eventually.

  2. Alice said,

    I’m caught here… Fresh is my favourite series (though Cure Sunshine just turned HeartCatch up a notch!) and I’d love to see it subbed. But CureCom is TECHNICALLY subbing it, despite how slow and out-of-order their subs are… On the other hand Yes! Precure 5 has no current subbing groups but is probably my least favourite Precure series overall.

    I suppose I’d vote Fresh, if only because I’d love to get people who don’t speak enough Japanese to watch the raws to watch it (like I do). But there’s a good point for going for Yes! 5 as well…

  3. aers said,

    If you finish 5 you will be a hero.

  4. BelievixFlora94 said,

    I’m voting Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (Episodes 25-49) because there’s no fansub work on it this time. I want to watch all seasons of Pretty Cure πŸ™‚
    Thank you first. Arigatou!
    P/S: I can help you timing if you want πŸ˜€

  5. Noble Knight said,

    Yes! Precure 5 is my vote, especially after #TV-Nihon recently announced they are not going to be subbing that series anymore (only produced the first 7 episodes).

    • pcj said,

      The same team that was doing YPC5 for T-N is going to continue doing it, just not as part of T-N anymore. They’re calling themselves Aesir Subs now. The T-N management is just a little too proud to tell us about the group split or something.

      • zalis116 said,

        I read on T-N’s site that a splitoff team would be doing HeartCatch, but I got the impression that YPC5 is fully dropped. Time will tell, I suppose.

      • pcj said,

        Aesir’s site lists YPC5 as an ongoing project: http://aesirsubs.wordpress.com/projects/

      • Magenta said,

        Yeah, T-N has this “don’t acknowledge other groups” thing which is part of the reason we split off, but we haven’t dropped it.

        Re the raws: There was a recent HD-reairing of PC5 but they come with the caveat of a gigantic goddamn broadcaster logo in the bottomright where, you know, the subtitles go, which makes them practically unusable.

        As for the show, I love TLing PC5 – more than I do HeartCatch, actually – but it’s really a case of not overworking my partner and timer so it’s been kind of on the backburner.

        I’d be totally up for working together on it if you wanted to, Zalis, so pop into Curecom’s IRC some time and we could discuss? ❀

  6. pcj said,

    Curecom would be happy to support anything you’re working on in the Precure franchise, so of course we’ll have you πŸ˜‰ We’re all in it for the same reason, we just want to see it all subbed, we don’t really care by who.

  7. Kimiko said,

    I would like to watch all of Pretty Cure in order too. So, [i]Yes! Pretty Cure 5[/i] it is for me.

    Thank you so much for all your work on [i]PreCure[/i] thus far! πŸ™‚

  8. Ken Arromdee said,

    If you can get HD raws for Yes Precure 5 it might be nice to start them at 21 instead of 24…

  9. Juri said,

    Hard to say. I got the first subbed episodes of Yes 5 and I want to see the missing episodes, too. But I like Fresh Precure very much an I think CureCom needs every help they can get.

  10. Tokimemofan said,

    Since I want to watch them in order, do them in order.

  11. Seto Sun said,

    Go for Pretty Cure 5!!! Touka Gettan can wait!

  12. Fox said,

    voted for Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (Episodes 25-49)
    I would love to be able to finish it so I can start on GoGo once I’ve watched all of the first Yes PC5 series

  13. Momo-nee said,

    I think Fresh should be next, because it’s a one season story, you can discard one team(not in a bad way) after you watch it. But if you finish Yes5 well, people wuld want to watch the sequel too. But if with time everything will be subbed, choose what you feel the most comfortable with =)
    I prefer Yes! 5 btw, but i think Fresh should be next.

  14. Maceart said,

    I voted for YPC5 25-49, since it’s the most efficient way to see all of Pretty Cure English subbed.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. stupendous said,

    Precure 5, definitely. Fresh is my favorite season but I can totally wait for it considering I’ve waited for the rest of Precure 5 even longer. Fresh is still fresh in my mind (no pun intended), whereas I’ve forgotten a lot of Precure 5 and found it more difficult to understand when watching the raws in the first place. I think it’s time to revisit it.

  16. FinalFan said,

    Same as lot of people here, Yes! PC 5, but from episode 21, where Arienai dropped it.
    I never got Eggplant releases, and it seems I was right since they left that show to do Onegai My Melody… Plus they must be hard to get now since maybe I’m not the only one to have thought that way…

    Anyway thanks again for Splash Star πŸ™‚

  17. Mike-Sempai said,

    That’s actually really nice how your giving the community a choice in your work, what an honorable thing to do πŸ™‚
    You may want to make a whole new thread/post with a poll to get more input so the community/fans can see your letting them vote.
    Anyways I shall rate what I’d love to see subbed:

    Pretty Cure: Splash Star: 0/10 No questions you already have subbed it and the movie so yep. (P.S could you or do u mind if I upload the sub episodes to veoh so I could watch them on my iPod ???? I don’t no why but watching it on the iPod on the couch is better then sitting in a chair on my computer lmao)

    Yes! Pretty Cure 5: 8.9/10 Has up to 15 Or 20 something episodes I think are subbed and uploaded on veoh the other remainder is no where to be found. Can I say sad face or what 😦 So a sub of that would be awesome! But the movie has been subbed and is up on veoh yeppers πŸ˜€

    Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go! : 9.7/10 Oh Yes! I do not know why no one has started to sub this anyways! But someone do please! It looks like an amazing series and is ranked as my my second favorite out of all the seasons because even the raw version and though I have no clue what’s going on sometimes it still awesome! Plus never ever has there been a sub of the movie 😦 It looks like a good movie I mean a movie about CANDY if you sub Go Go sub the movie PLEASE dear god! Anyways yeah I think my feelings to get this series subbed is clear lol

    Fresh Pretty Cure: 6.4/10 Meh never really watches the show due to the over screen time for Setusune or whatever her name is. I love Love….. Does that make sense lol I love Cure Peaches human form named love because she is funny there! But yes I wouldn’t mind seeing it only like 3 or so episodes have been release right? I believe the movie has been subbed and is up on megavideo though!

    HeartCatch Pretty Cure: 2.1/10 People already subbing it so I don’t need so many people dubbing the SAME seasons instead when we could get more covered so everything can be subbed. Plus compatition with subbing companys is never a good idea!

    Well hope I helped a bit sorry for the long post tell me if I at least gave you an idea or helped a bit that would make my day!
    So overall I’m want ether YPC5 or YPC5GG
    Bye now

    • BelievixFlora94 said,

      CureCom is doing Yes Pretty Cure 5 Gogo now πŸ™‚

    • zalis116 said,

      If you’re able to re-encode them, go ahead and upload them to veoh or wherever.

  18. Tigerhorse said,

    I vote for Gettan more of your Touka on, πŸ˜› but as far as Precure, I’m in the YPC5 camp out of a probably nonsensical desire to watch them in airing order. But whatever you decide I’ll be fine with, and thank you so much for Splash Star!

  19. Epyon said,

    I also woted for YPC5 because of the desire to watch Precure in the airing order. =^.^= And because half of YPC5 is already subbed. ^0^ I would also like you to sub it from ep 21 if possible because I couldn’t find Eggplant’s releases (I also don’t know how good their translation is, yours was great and I think I liked Arienai’s as well *can’t clearly remember anymore, watched them long time ago*). Or, if you would work together with Aesir Subs, that would probably speed up their releases. ❀

    Although it would also be good if you subbed YPC5GoGo and FPC, because CureCom is very slow, and I totally dislike their translation (it's often wrong, like they are making the characters say stuff they would like them to say instead of what they are really saying *hates that in fansub groups*).

    In the end, whichever you feel like doing is fine, because that makes us closer to the day when we will have all seasons translated *can't wait for that day*. So, choose whichever is easier for you and whichever you would like to do first. ❀ And thanks so much for PCSS. *glomps*

    P.S. I can wait for Touka Gettan, Precure is more of an priority for me, since it hasn't been subbed. πŸ˜›

    • zalis116 said,

      The best/only? place to find Eggplant’s YPC5 releases is at anime-eden.com. As for the “what subbers want characters to say” style of translation, I’ve been a bit guilty of that too. Like Saki’s line in 42 or 43, “Hey, Korone! Wouldn’t running on all 4 legs be faster?!”, is really just “Hey, Korone! You shouldn’t run like that!” And Arienai did some similar things with pun localizations in the first two seasons. But I try to keep things grounded in the context of the actual dialogue, even while I’m taking liberties with the English editing.

      • Epyon said,

        I know you did that too, but they are doing it a LOT and not only with pun localizations (which I understand are hard to translate). But they are doing it way too much in normal speech (I couldn’t watch ep 2 of YPC5GoGo to the end because it really started getting on my nerves how inaccurate it was, the characters were saying totally different things). WPP’s translation of Digimon Frontier is still the worst translation I ever saw, but CureCom is getting really close to that. :/ Although I understand about 80%-90% of what is being said (depends on the context), I still have to rely on fansubs for the rest. If they fail at the parts I understand, of course I won’t trust them for the parts I don’t understand…

        I really like how you and Magenta do you translations (I like Magenta’s more than Doremi’s), so big thanks and hugs to both of you. ❀

        Also thanks for the info about Eggplant’s releases. :3

    • Magenta said,

      The thing with CureCom’s translations is they’re pretty much complete localizations, which is great, but it does mean you occasionally have to completely ruin detail. Stuff like the translation of the whole “My name’s Momozono Love, write the love in katakana” getting changed to “My name’s Love Momozono, write the ‘o’ as a heart.” is both really really clever and also totally inaccurate, but it’s the price you pay for not having to drown your viewer in any moon language stuff.

      The thing with translation is there’s really no ‘best’ way to do it, what can you do? In the end it comes down to the preferences of the people working on it. I’ve worked with them on a few eps so far and while I’d personally favour a slightly more (although not incomprehensibly so) Japanese flavour, I respect what they’re doing and try and fit my translations to their style.

      Also the Eggplant 21-24 releases are on the IRC bot in CureCom’s IRC channel, I believe.

  20. Reb said,

    Precure 5! =D Oh good gravy, how I love 5.

  21. Broli9000 said,

    vote goes to yes pretty cure 5 because i kind of want to watch it in normal airing order and not lol haruhi style airing order

    also yes precure 5 girls are lol
    coco and nuts is where its at

  22. CharmyS said,

    Yes! Pretty Cure 5 gets my vote. =3

  23. WaterDrop said,

    I think You should first help CureCom subb Fresh Precure (& Precure GoGo eventually). [If they want to of course.] They are very slow with the release right now.

    Pretty Cure 5 is subbed by Aesir right now and I hope they will finish it this time. By informations on they site. they think about subbing the rest of Pretty Cure 5, like You did it with Splash Star. By subbing on the same time first episodes and the episodes after 21 or 25 ep.

  24. darkcat1 said,

    Yes Aesir is thinking about starting at 21…why? Well they hate to leave people out of the story arc!(it’s were milk shows up or so I’m told) I don’t know what kind of break you’re taking. I’d love it if you helped out Magenta and got Yes! precure 5 done but Fresh Precure also needs help(I don’t mind skipping as long as it’s not a direct sequel. I’m already doing it with heartcatch)

    I’d rather not watch GoGo before Yes! precure 5. I did download Curecom’s three episodes but only to archive them…

  25. BelievixFlora94 said,

    Uhm, where is the announcement?

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