July 21, 2010

48 – This planet will be destroyed… in FIVE MINUTES!

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 4:54 am by zalis116

Pretty Cure Splash Star Gohyaan

He's already sent them flying halfway across the city.

So, here we are at the penultimate episode, wherein Pretty Cure, Kaoru, and Michiru battle the true final foe of the series, the man behind the man, the one pulling all the strings from behind the curtains. Yes (spoilers!) it’s Gohyaan, the polite yet threatening second-in-command, and he is pissed off enough to get serious enough to destroy the whole world and Pretty Cure & friends with it. You may think I’m amazingly fast to get this episode out so soon. You may be right, but episodes like 48 are a translator’s and timer’s dream. Thanks to the long stretches of fighting with no actual dialogue, this is the shortest script in the series by far, clocking in at a mere 6 lines per minute where most have 15 lines per minute or more.

And these fights are definitely worth the wait, as they’re awesome enough to prove why Pretty Cure is truly Dragon Ball Z for girls. It’s the best-animated, highest-action episode of the series, although astute viewers will note sequences taken straight from the OP animation. But that’s not to say that 48 doesn’t deliver on the drama/emotional front, because it definitely does. Of course, 49 (which is already translated) goes even better on the latter. Barring unforeseen delays, I should have 49 released sometime during 7-21-10 (GMT-5).

Torrent [CRC=9E4B5341] || DDL


  1. Maceart said,

    Wow, great work. You’re almost done!

  2. dood said,

    That was an awesome episode !

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