July 20, 2010

46 – The Last Hurrah

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 1:44 am by zalis116

Pretty Cure Splash Star Akudaikaan

You all sound like chapters from a self-help book!

Episode 46 brings us into the true final arc of the series. Pretty Cure and the Kiryuu sisters have made it through the boss rush of the 5 minions, and now it’s time to take on Dr. Wily Akudaikaan. Forget about the cute and heartwarming misadventures with sibling conflicts, romance, friends, and school issues. Splash Star is now playing for keeps. While Michiru and Kaoru want to go it alone, Saki and Mai are having none of that. After learning that obvious traps are obvious, the four find themselves in a seemingly-futile struggle against their greatest foe. First with words, then with kicks, punches, and whatever magical power they can muster. And to think, this final battle against Akudaikaan can only get more epic  over the next three episodes.

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  1. Seto Sun said,

    AT LAST!!! hehe congrats Zalis

  2. dood said,

    WOOHOO !
    Nothing else to say.

  3. dood said,

    oh and curse you for that drinking game, I’ve been getting drunk every episode since 😛

  4. Guido said,

    Hi to everyone.

    I have a request. Can anyone please seed torrents for episode 46?
    Name: [PCSS] Pretty Cure Splash Star 46 (DVD)
    Tracker: http://nyaatorrents.info:3277/

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