July 13, 2010

45 – Minions die if they are killed…

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 1:10 pm by zalis116

Pretty Cure Splash Star Saki Hyuuga Minori Hyuuga Santa

Um, wrong transformation there, Saki.

This triangular-numbered episode of Splash Star is the obligatory late-season Christmas/romance episode, as we saw with Nagisa and Fujimura in both of the previous seasons. Remember, little sister’s friends are a player’s dream.  But all is not fun, games, and cakes. The remaining Dark Fall minions, Kintolesky and Ms. Shitataare take the field against Pretty Cure, desperate to find the princess and punish Michiru and Kaoru for their treachery. Who will survive?

Torrent [CRC=007F1103] || DDL


  1. LexXxich said,

    Here they are, showing off token male love interest for one of the girls. It’s a kids’ show, after all. No matter how close the PreCure bond is, it won’t prevent them from getting married and becoming housewives, right?

  2. dood said,

    But isn’t it why adults watch the show, for the promise of eternal bond between our heroines ?

    I almost caught up with you (marathoned like crazy until 42) almost at the end keep up the great work, you rock !

  3. Sadie89 said,

    Thank you *__*
    I need time to watch all the episodes now T_T

  4. dood said,

    Have you seen the All-Star DX2 movie yet (waiting for subs…) ?

    It has the team up of Ms. Shitataare and Moerumba fighting the Heartcatch and Yes 5 Precures

    I need subs for it dammit

    • zalis116 said,

      Actually no, I haven’t seen any Pretty Cure movies except the Splash Star one. But I see there are subs for DX2 now.

  5. Nona said,

    Uh… wow, new Precure OTP for me after this episode, and I’m not talking about Saki and Kazuya. 😛

  6. dood said,

    @Nona: Villains are people too 😛

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