June 11, 2010

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 01-24

Posted in Batches, Releases, Yes Pretty Cure 5 at 4:15 am by zalis116

Yes Pretty Cure 5 Nozomi Yumehara

Pretty Cure in 16:9? I don't know about this...

Riddle me this, Pretty Cure fans: How can I have a post labeled “Releases” AND “Off-Topic”? Simple, by linking to a batch torrent of releases that are not my own.  After quickly finding the 8 files I was searching for in the previous post, I’ve compiled a batch torrent containing Arienai’s SD releases of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 01-20, along with 21-24 by Eggplant. Just for everybody out there with an old PC or who simply wants to save a little HDD space.

I have not watched a full ep of YPC5 yet, but I’m hoping that the “Pretty Cure charm” doesn’t get diluted by having 5 leads. Will I ever do any subbing work on it? I don’t know, it depends on how burnt out I feel after finishing Splash Star. Ep 42 is “done,” but I figured it’d be easier to post this batch torrent before going to bed.


P.S. I added *for CureCom* to the torrent title so that people searching for that string of characters will come across it. After all, it is for the benefit of the Pretty Cure fan community.

EDIT by Force Gaia: Not off-Topic any more, as we’re actually subbing this now!


  1. Blackbird said,

    I’m already have completed all Pretty Cure expect the one that is currently airing.
    I’m also try to collect the others include Fresh! Pretty Cure but the special ability there sound like a kid show for a bit younger.
    My favorite Pretty Cure must be first one with Nagisa(Cure Black) & Honaka(Cure White) & Pretty Cure 5.

    My favorite Character is Nagisa ( Cure Black) in Pretty Cure
    My favorite Character is Saki ( Cure Bloom) in Pretty Cure Splash Star
    My favorite Character is Nozomi ( Cure Dream) & Urara ( Cure Lemonade) in Pretty Cure 5
    My favorite Character is Inori (Cure Pine) in Fresh! Pretty Cure!
    My favorite Character is Erika (Cure Marine) in HeartCatch Pretty Cure!

    But what I love most of them is Nagisa hehe 🙂

    I got the full raws for Pretty Cure 5 GoGo if someone want to subbed it so I can upload it.

  2. Believix said,

    Thank you! 🙂
    I love Pretty Cure. It’s great ì you can sub Yes! Pretty Cure 5 😀

  3. Luminara said,

    It would be great if you could sub Yes Precure 5 too. Even if you stop after some episodes, because you don’t like it, every subbed episode would be great.

    And thank you for subbing splash star. I look every day if there’s a new one to look. ^-^

  4. Amy said,

    Don’t have the HD versions of the Arienai subs? I’ve been trying to get them back since the drive they were on got stolen. 😦
    I’ve only been able to get 38% of the ep 1-10 batch and 7% of the ep 11-20 batch.

    • zalis116 said,

      Nope, I don’t have the HD versions myself — it’s a waste of bandwidth and HDD space to get 1280×720 when my monitor downscales them to 1024×576. However, those files are available on several DDL sites. Lolipower has all eps from 01-20 in 720p. And to speed things up, the links on this page for YPC5 13-20 also have the 720p files.

  5. LeviathanX said,

    Yes.. Pretty Cure 5 is good and I really want to see this to the end (subbed of course) O:

    The only PreCure I don’t like is Fresh Pretty Cure [..]

    Anyways, thanks for subbing PCSS 🙂

  6. rubius said,

    keep up the good work on the subs, i just found this anime and i would like to see it from begining to end, it’s kinda like a younger Sailor Moon.

  7. Otto said,

    Reseed please. Want to have this series. =(

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