June 10, 2010

A call for download assistance… (resolved?)

Posted in General at 4:13 pm by zalis116

…but not with this series. Being the completionist that I am, I plan on watching the other Pretty Cure series someday. Even if I’m not working on subbing them. But I’ve run into a bit of a snag in acquiring some of the episodes of Yes! Pretty Cure 5. Specifically, I’m looking for Arienai’s SD/360p releases of episodes 13-20. Does anybody out there know of DDLs or any other way of acquiring those files? Honestly, I probably could play the HD versions if I wanted to, since they’re 100% hardsubbed and thus not too taxing on my old PC. But for the sake of consistency, I’d like to be a cheapskate and save disk space. Plus, the 360p files are amazing quality for their size, much like Arienai’s Hataraki Man release.

;EDIT: Apparently there’s a special crossover episode between Splash Star and Fresh Pretty Cure. If anybody can find me a raw for that, I’ll sub it.

EDIT 2: Never mind, I have been trolled.

Edit 3: Thanks to michaeldx, I just might be able to get these episodes!


  1. Kimiko said,

    Sorry, I only have the HD (1280×720) versions of eps.1-20. Eps.21-24 (subbed by Eggplant) I have in 704×396, and the movie (subbed by Quark) in 720×480.

    Thanks so much for your work on Splash Star!

  2. pcj said,

    The Splash Star/Fresh Pretty Cure crossover was a hoax. It never happened. Someone posted the description of it as an “upcoming special” on 2chan and got everyone excited and then it never materialized. I’m surprised someone put it on anidb.

  3. darkcat said,

    curecom’s tracker has a torrent for 1-20(not sure how dead it is). I wish you’d help TV-nihon with yes! Precure 5 but I heard you turned them down….

    • zalis116 said,

      I wouldn’t exactly say I turned them down… basically, I wanted to pick the show up at 25, while they wanted to start at the beginning. Since I didn’t want to duplicate the work that’d already been done, I decided to focus on Splash Star and see what the situation was like when they reached 25.

      • Magenta said,

        Well, it was an odd kind of situation, because a) the subs that were going around for PC5 were kind of hard to find at that point in time (as you yourself are finding out XD) and b) I was the only one who’d actually watched most of it before going “HAY GAIZ LET’S SUB THIS ANIMES” and I felt it’d be a bit unfair to just drop eps halfway through a series on my colleagues and QC team etc.

        We’ll see how things go. Our fansubbing motivation has kind of been shot as of late due to various events, alas.

    • pcj said,

      The torrent on Curecom’s tracker is the HD version, he wanted the SD version. I don’t personally know anyone that has the SD one, or I would have made that one available on Curecom’s tracker, too.

  4. Chrono said,


    Try here, idont check if this 320p but the group arienai sub then! =3

  5. michaldx said,

    You can try this site:


    It is a direct download…

  6. zalis116 said,

    @ Chrono: I’d been getting the files from there, but the links for 13-20 are for the 720p version.

    @michaldx: Yes, perfect, just what I needed! Thanks a bunch.

    @pcj: Once I manage to get all the episodes, I’ll torrent them, with a title like “[Arienai+Eggplant] Yes! Pretty Cure 5 01-24 (SD) *for CureCom*

  7. michaldx said,

    You are welcome. I appreciate your great job subbing this series. I hope you will be subing Splash star with Max Heart and do Yes! Pretty Cure 5…

  8. pcj said,

    @zalis116: awesome, and thanks again (like everyone keeps saying 😉 ) for subbing Splash Star. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it.

    @michaldx: Max Heart is done already isn’t it? Thought Arienai did the entire thing.

  9. Chrono said,


    Yes, arienai did all of maxheart!
    I really have hope for others incomplete series of Pretty Cure! XD

    • michaldx said,

      Ok! My bad english – I tried to make something like a joke… For me you are star/Splash Star and I am thankful for your subs. You must love this series. You have big/Max Heart. So when you are so great I hoped you will be subbing next series…

      Never mind me…

      • zalis116 said,

        That’s actually how I read it, as in “sub it with maximum heart.” I will certainly keep going with it until the end. Come to think of it, I need to finish watching Max Heart. Still have 11 eps to go.

  10. riki said,

    jjeje, i’am the uploader of precure on mcanime site =3

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